May. 24th, 2010

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First of all, apologies to anyone who's waiting with baited breath (including, um, my assignee) for my remix. I was a very bad remixer this year, and actually had to drop out. Long story short, I severely overestimated my capability to multitask, and then got a fever and was stuck in bed for the duration of my extension. But, despite all this, I myself was remix'd!

For those of you who remember Mary, Melusine, Mary, Medea - the subtle horror, October-tinged McKay/Sheppard-with-Sheppard-backstory that apparently gave some people nightmares - this is a remix of that: Mary, Melusine, Mary, Medea (the Life As a Spinning Wheel Remix). And it is glorious. As the (as yet unknown) remixer said in her notes, "There's this really creepy question in the original story that I kept spying out of the corner of my eye: do people get taken, or do they just disappear? Is something sinister happening, or is it just... one of those things? It was a question I only touched on, but the remixer expanded into a fascinatingly creepy ambiguity, making this the ultimate interpretive story. While, despite which way the answer went, the McKay/Sheppard relationship in the original could only be read one way, the remixer turned the Life As a Spinning Wheel Remix either into a triumphant, hopeful account of John slowly opening up to Rodney and maybe even falling in love - or John as the mount of an unknown horror, a mysterious dark hunger riding on his back, following him into his home; a John who's fighting against unassailable odds, and losing.


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