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(Frankly, I'm amazed at myself lately. I've actually been getting stuff done.)

...Manipulation and locked-door romance, to the vague tune of .6, chain, as in "that which is locked". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are presenting: Claire/Elle, the majority of which was written on post-it notes, file folders and taxi cab receipts, seeing as those are the only things I seem to have a large quantity of lying around. Title from Vienna Teng's brilliant song "1 BR / 1 BA" (which this bears absolutely no resemblance to, except if the girls are the 'upstairs neighbors'). Applaud and be warned - especially for any girl-secks within as I am not that talented yet.

ETA: Fucking hell. 4038 words. For me, this is a record. No wonder it took a bleedin' month to write it.

1 br / ba
heroes; r-whateva. claire/elle.
spoilers up to 2.11 Powerless

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(Oh, I am so in for it. This will go down as the greatest folly of mankind.)

Nevertheless - my prompt table for [ profile] heroes15. Claim: femme, as in all female characters, all the time, both non-paired and femslash/ed. Because even though they are the few and occasionally weepy, Heroes women deserve more loving, don't you agree?

01 Silence. 02 Road. 03 Computer. 04 Ink. 05 Oil.
06 Chain. 07 Language. 08 Wall. 09 Amnesia. 10 Weave.
11 Zoo. 12 Laughter. 13 Choke. 14 Jar. 15 Run.


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