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I've searched through my library and used my meagre Google-fu to no avail, so I'm putting this out here: Does anyone know anything about female homosexuality - attitudes about lesbians from straight people, attitudes about lesbians from lesbians, culture, dress/mannerisms, etc. - in the late 1970s to mid 1980s? Keeping in mind, the characters I'm juggling are working- to lower-middle-class women in rural areas who wouldn't be involved (or possibly, even all that aware/concerned with) the women's movement or the gay rights movement, and who come from close-knit, probably conservative - but not necessarily Christian - families. They're probably not going to be "out" in any way, and they're staying in the above-described communities, not moving into places with a gay... er, area? Scene? Whatever, you get it.

Also, bisexuality, particularly female bisexuality. What was happening with the attitudes towards that, both within the gay community and the larger society? I know this was the beginning of the bisexual backlash among the male gay community, but information about female homosexuality is (unsurprisingly) sparse, and female homosexuality outside of the context of the lesbian community / gay rights movement / women's movement is even sparser.

Meta or personal experiences welcomed with gratitude, but I'll also take recs for any movies, books, tv shows, or pretty much anything else you can think of that's relevant and set in this period. (Thanks!)
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1. As per the instructions on the sign-up page, I now announce to you: [ profile] multiverse5000! Is open! Prompt claiming goes until June 1st, with a wealth of different prompts from different fandoms. For those not in the know, [ profile] multiverse5000 is a multifandom crossover / mashup challenge for SciFi shows. It's got everything from world!gen - the prompt I chose, for example - to character!gen, to slash, to het; from Farscape to Firefly, and some other ones besides. (Seriously. I've never even heard of some of these shows, and I'm a pretty committed geek.)

2. My local comic dealer got some promo stuff a few days ago, and one of them caught my eye: a Marvel "Noir" series, some of which are apparently out already. Has anyone heard anything about them? Are they good?

3. Going to see Design for Living this weekend! Am very, very excited, even if my theatre companion has all of the maturity of a lemur.
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As some of you may know, the Dog Days of Summer Femslash Advent Calendar is coming up, and submissions are due in... let's see, two days. Christ. Why did I sign up for this, when I know deadlines are not my friends?

Anyways - doing a fic and that's all covered, but for my second day I've decided to try my hand at comic'ing, despite having the artistic skills of the common poodle. It's mostly done, but of course, I have doubts over some things. So, I would be very, very grateful to anyone willing to give it a few quick once-overs and send some graphic advice my way. (Keeping in mind that I might not get it to you until Saturday afternoon.)


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