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There's a television episode out there that deals with not only transsexualism but Christianity - in combination! - that doesn't want me to tear my eyes out in frustration?! And said episode, in fact, is philosophical, thoughtful, and respectful of both (but especially the former), and makes the assertion that you can be transsexual and not be "un-Christian"?!

(Admittedly, the constant pronoun confusion played for laughs was annoying, but it was written as mostly honest confusion - complicated by the fact that the transwoman in question had a son before sex reassignment and a lot of the episode dealt with that past - and not people being complete assholes. In fact, most of it was like, BOOM! BIGOT SHUTDOWN!)

...Whoah. Apparently there's intelligent life out there in the land of TV!
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...I am incredibly charmed by the new Doctor Who. Everyone is so awesome! (AMY!)
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Ahahahaha Buffy is on the Logo network.

Though really, that episode with the migraines and the fake sister is... actually quite creepy. Damn. I really don't want to get involved with this show! But I am charmed nonetheless.

(Also, this is kind of... surreal. There are queer people! All over my TV! And not in a gimmicky way, not in a secondary character or novel way, but... domestic. Cute lesbian couples trying to figure out which clown to hire for their kid's birthday party; gay guys having dinner together. It's just... damn. It's so normal.)
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Shopping is hard when one has no money;
shopping is hard when one has no car.
Summer shirts are hard to find
in sizes to fit an armored tank.

Watching television with my parents is an interesting experience, to say the least. )
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House is BACK, baby!

...Rejoice, rejoice, and hope that Sunday's episode is better than the last one.
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I was not that interested at first. Heroes was going to shit and SciFi was banging a lot of drums about their new miniseries, so I was like, okay, I'll check it out.


Tin Man has got to be the best thing since peanut butter. I mean, Alan Cumming! Snark! Mysticism! Flying tit monkeys! And even though Zooey Deschenael has all the acting skills of white bread (more on this later), los dos compadres Glitch and Cain give it all back. Maybe this is reason they are the flagship pairing of the fandom. Or maybe it's because, you know, they are just made of awesome.

And so, lo! In their honor, there be light fic.

i could tell you why (the ocean is near the shore)
written for the sekrit cabal ficlet battle
tin man; pg-13. glitch / cain

Read more... )


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