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I now present to you, courtesy of my recent Torchwood binge, a deleted scene, from "Meat", and aptly titled, The Measure of a Man. Apparently it was too racy to put on television, but I see that as a grievous error.
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The other one for the Dogged by Muses: Summer Femslash Advent Calendar.

First foray into the gritty, hormone-fueled world of Torchwood characterization, so, should be interesting. (I mean, it's certainly not off-base that Tosh has got kind of a, well, bad lovelife? So this isn't SO farfetched?) It was also my first time writing & drawing an actual comic, as opposed to a strip (which I'm completely bollocks at anyways); it was interesting. Might do it again sometime, but perhaps in a day and age where I can properly draw clothes, and proportional anatomy.

...But it's colorful. Oh yes.

closing credits
tosh / pearl, tosh / mary
torchwood; r for the nekkid and artistic sex. spoilers for 2.9 From Out of the Rain.

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1. Graggh. I need to finish all these fic-fragments on my computer before it sizzles and dies (or I do). Must... summon... motivation...

2. The literary cycle is weird. I hated the Narnia books when I was younger (along with Tolkien and Twain and almost every other classic writer), but having recently re-watched Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I want fic. Fic about a movie based on a book that I would never read.


...In any case, Caspian recs. Got any?

3. Warning: this fanmix really doesn't make sense, and is in no way consistant. (Which is sort of on par for my stuff.) But here it is regardless - because, come on. The boys need love too.

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1. So, last Saturday I saw the Shakespeare Free-For-All production of Hamlet with my cohorts. Despite the fact that - in typical Wash D.C. fashion - it poured most of the day and was disgustingly hot the rest of it, it was actually a rather pleasant experience. Most of the time was spent sniggering over the Hamlet/Horatio. It was an unusually energetic performance, really. Jeffrey Carlson (the actor playing Hamlet) was flopped around a LOT. And the first time he and Horatio were onstage together, he jumped on top of him.

Also, I discovered that there are Shakespeare graphic novels. How cool is that?

2. After reading [ profile] cerebel's Chase The Higher Ground, I want to see Iron Man again. And Prince Caspian, even though it made me cry.

3. 3rd of the Turchwyd femslash mixes, completed even if it's a little late. (And yes, Alice and Emily are the infamous Torchwood Lesbians. You know the ones.)

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1. If you love Life on Mars, are vaguely familiar with Ashes to Ashes and want to distract yourself from the oncoming storm U.S. version, go read [ profile] trinityofone's absolutely fabulous "Nature Boy", found here and here. Yes, it is a WIP and the chapters are long, but it will BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER. (Or at least, it did for me.)

2. Icons! Long weekends do have their uses, after all.


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1. ...This has got to be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

2. Part two of the femslash-fanmixes. (Yes, I know.)

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Yesterday I decided to clean out the attic. I'm not sure why, exactly; it seemed like a good idea at the time, but then again, these things usually do. And while I got rid of a lot of stuff, I also made a vacuum-cleaner bag explode & shower everything with mouse crap, banged my newly pierced ear on a doorframe, broke two china plates and got stuck in a bin.

And that was just the first hour.

The point of all this, though, is that afterwards I was listening to music and thinking certain... fannish thoughts... So in honor of fuck all, I started work on a bunch of DW/TW fanmixes, which seem to mostly feature obscure Torchwood-femslash pairings (read: Suzie/Gwen) and the Year That Never Was.

...I fear I may be growing certifiable.

Also, to my knowledge the "dark between the bedposts" title is originally mine, but it sounded vaguely familiar in that heard-it-in-a-dream-or-fic context, so if I've accidently ganked anything of anyone's, let me know. (Knowing my track record, it's an unhappy possibility.)

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So I as I was saying - what was it, yesterday? - I recently watched Voyage of the Damned and as some of you might know (doubt it), I wrote a little rant about it. But as I realize nobody actually reads these rants I will recap: I did not like Astrid. I think Kylie Minogue is a talentless dolled-up twit, and having her run around in a French maid costume and dominatrix boots for the majority of the episode did not endear her to me. However, I was mildly fascinated by the manner of her ressurection - not in terms of good luck Astrid but rather well, THAT was a bit stupid of him - and of course, it got me thinking about her death, and that led to the fact that in Doctor Who, there are few men looking tearful as they plummet to their deaths.

I realize that Doctor Who is a fairly progressive show, what with JACK HARKNESS Donna, Rose, Mister McGoogles and whatnot, and Torchwood oversteps 'fairly progressive' and lands somewhere in the vicinity of SHAG SHAG SHAG bit a' swearing bit a' blood SHAG. Despite this, there is a disconcerting amount of women in refrigerators (or spaceships, or what have you) in the Whoverse. I mean, unless a man - and I mean HUman, not alien equivalent - is completely useless, idiotic, or just a downright bastard, there's a pretty low chance of him getting knocked off, whereas women drop like flies. In Doctor Who, the dead women are usually used to kick the Doctor's Guilt-O-Meter to whatever the proper number is that week; in Torchwood, the deaths are plot development. Perhaps because it's in no way billed as a "family show" and thus has more deaths in general, Torchwood has a lot of these WIRs - a lot of gals stabbed, raped, strangled, shot, taken over or killed in some other interesting manner.

I'm not sure if this is a reflection on the fact that in our society, it's easier to feel outraged by the deaths of women more than men or just the fact that they scream better. In any case, I'm trying not to make assumptions. I love both shows, and the after-images of the Feminist Explosion better not block out the TV screen. I just think they deserve an... epitaph, of sorts?

(And, of course, I was bored.)

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