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...Does anyone know of any particular episode that features Sam and Vala walking next to each other somewhere - in the SGC, in a field, what have you - in mission gear? I'm trying to finish my assignment for the [ profile] thelittlebang art, but my efforts to find good screencaps to start with are ineffectual, at best.

To be clear, I'm looking for a pose something like this (just better quality, and again with the mission gear):

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1. I am so blissed-out right now it's not even funny. Like, just - whoah. It literally took me twenty minutes to walk home (two blocks) because I kept stumbling into trees and bushes and whatnot. Even though I have a headache from the funky pillows, I am so full of love for PT class and their free (practice) massages. (Though I might feel differently in a couple hours, should the headache / neckache / jawache not go away.)

It was actually a very interesting experience, mostly because a) it was my first time to get a massage by someone who knows what they are doing, and b) I am extremely ticklish, to the point that it was basically forty minutes of tense and relax, tense and relax. In any case...

2. My sister is watching Milk! Of her own volition! I consider this a major achievement in my pinko liberal commie brainwashing campaign.

3. Thanks to Burn Notice, Daniel Jackson is not only a crazy anthropologist, but a psychotic ex-CIA agent who tries to kill Michael! Four times! But who is actually surprisingly likable! (And yes, I thought the season finale was good. Even if I was a little distracted by Victor - I must've spent the first thirty minutes going, "No. Wait. Is that- It can't be. It is! Is it?"

Apparently, it is. And, wow. Michael Shanks is actually quite talented at this whole acting thing, isn't he?

4. Also, icon on my PM post. THAT IS NOT MINE! I want my Gene icon back, damn it. Whoops. Never mind.


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