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So, guess what I did Friday night? That's right, I saw the cross-dressing Folger Shakespeare Theatre production of Romeo & Juliet with my mother! We were very bad theatregoers, mostly because she couldn't stop laughing at Juliet's flailing about. People actually got up and moved away. More - on the show, not badly-behaved mothers - later, though I will say this: the guy who played Mercutio was very, very good.

...Apparently, he was on The Wire. Which, you know, kind of figures.

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1. So, last Saturday I saw the Shakespeare Free-For-All production of Hamlet with my cohorts. Despite the fact that - in typical Wash D.C. fashion - it poured most of the day and was disgustingly hot the rest of it, it was actually a rather pleasant experience. Most of the time was spent sniggering over the Hamlet/Horatio. It was an unusually energetic performance, really. Jeffrey Carlson (the actor playing Hamlet) was flopped around a LOT. And the first time he and Horatio were onstage together, he jumped on top of him.

Also, I discovered that there are Shakespeare graphic novels. How cool is that?

2. After reading [ profile] cerebel's Chase The Higher Ground, I want to see Iron Man again. And Prince Caspian, even though it made me cry.

3. 3rd of the Turchwyd femslash mixes, completed even if it's a little late. (And yes, Alice and Emily are the infamous Torchwood Lesbians. You know the ones.)

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