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After being thoroughly impressed by Jude Law's work in Sherlock Holmes - and damn, I cannot WAIT until that comes out on DVD - I decided to check out the rest of his ouvre. For such a well-known star, he has a surprisingly short resume, and really only a handful of his parts have been leads. As soon as I can find a copy, Wilde is next on the list... For now, I've contented myself with The Talented Mr. Ripley (his breakout role) and Cold Mountain. I like the former, but surprisingly, it's the latter that's my favorite of the two, and this is something I did not expect. INMAN = ODYSSEUS; RUBY = FANTASTIC. Spoilers for Cold Mountain, starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger. )

In other news, I got my [ profile] deancastiel Secret Angels Three assignment back, to which I have two words: What the...? I am not well-suited for these prompts at all.
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After watching Batman Begins, I can only conclude that "two thumbs way up" just doesn't mean what it used to. This movie? Flash and all dash, little substance, and lines that feel so scripted I think I can hear the pages flapping. Not to mention, that the dramatic climax of the movie makes no sense. Maybe the gas didn't end up released on the scale the baddies desired, but enough would have got out to affect people, especially those near the train line when the atomizer gizmo passed, and even without hallucinogenic drugs, good old-fashioned fear will do the trick; I'd be surprised if Gotham didn't have a week of riots, after. Also, Batman's little bit - "I won't kill you. But I can not save you", or something close to that - is just nonsense. If he doesn't save him, then he sentences him to death by train derailment - kills him just as if he had slit his throat. Duh.

Also, the bit about Batman not killing anybody, at least in the movie, is a load of bullshit. The cops whose cars he crashes on his little joyrides? The people who had train supports land on their homes and businesses? The people in the buildings where he crashed in the roof with his Batmobile? As Alfred said, "it's a miracle no one is dead." Because, people, the thing is: people always get hurt, get killed, sometimes by the stupidest of things, like falling glass or a well-placed brick. And for that matter, who exactly is paying for all the things he wrecks? The city, that's who. And you know where the funds for city maintenance will come from? Schools. Pensions. Clinics. Homeless shelters. Holes in the bloody guard ramps of the highway will always, unfortunately, be of a higher priority than books and free sandwiches. That's not even touching on all the wrecked cars and buildings and hot-dog stands of people who don't have insurance, or do but not enough, and who are out half their savings because some vigilante decided that his dying girlfriend was more important than anyone who got in his way.

There were a few good points, however: the Alfred-and-Fox tag-team snark. Gordon driving the Batmobile ("Sorry!"). The Narrows, which reminded me of Singapore slums, and were very atmospheric and interesting. Dr. Crane. The bit I probably liked the best, though, was when Batman first tried out his new costume, and ended up slamming into the side of a building.

In fact, I think that's what I'd like to watch, when it comes to superheroes. I want to read about Batman stepping on a tack and putting himself out of commission for a week; want to watch him learning the streets of Gotham - not the criminal element but, you know, what exit to take, how to not get lost. Because, really, there's something so ridiculous about superheroes. They're symbols and ideas and bulletproof but they're also people in capes and funny costumes, often with their underwear on outside their pants. More than anything else, though, they're human, and so by definition prone to occasional acts of stupidity. Only the trouble is, their version of stupid seems to get people killed.

On second thought, I think I'll stick to watching Wonderfalls for a while.
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So, Get Smart: ahahaha. I'm not saying it was astoundingly intellegent; most of the humor was fairly simple, less dry than the original (or so Mr. Rainer and my mother say). And there were bits that I think were supposed to connect and make sense, but kind of... failed. Spoilers for 'Get Smart'  ) & of course, Maxwell Smart (Steve Caroll) was adorable, Hathaway was vapid but quite pretty to look at, and thank god for Alan Arkin.

All in all, it was entertaining, and at least I can go away satisfied that Carroll got a longer on-screen kiss with The Rock than he did with Hathaway.

ETA: Also, my headphones are only working in one ear. What the hell, manufacturers? I mean, sure, I accidently stomped on the little pointy bit and kind of dropped them down the stairs, and bent said pointy bit back and forth and back and forth, but still. I expected better of you.

ETA#2: Dexter. Squee, squee, squee. If you do not mind a helluva lot of blood but love psychological fuckery, watch this show.
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Re: The Unicorn and the Wasp...

According to [ profile] redscarlach, this is the first episode they filmed with Catherine Tate, and it really shows - not just the snappy dialogue typical to Doctor Who, but a lot of good physical comedy. I quite liked it, really, and LOL'd at the ginger beer comment.

I did have one bone of contention, though: the death of Roger, which struck me as... well, pointless. What further irks is that it probably wouldn't have been written into the script except for his "constitutionals" with the footman.

For that matter, does anyone remember any gay couple in the Whoverse - nay, any dramashow - that aren't main characters, and still manage to survive past the credits?
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Having just watched Voyage of the Damned (three cheers for SciFi-channel marathons), I find myself wondering: does anyone else think the Doctor must have really, really hated Astrid? I mean, it's either that, or he's a lot more cruel, selfish, and just plain stupid than he looks.

Me: Good job, Doctor. You've just created yet another person who can't die, ever, someone doomed to wander the universe until the end of time and beyond. (And this one doesn't even have a body - just a vague sort of conciousness that, no matter how much it sees or what it touches, will always be on the outside & alone.)

Y.A.N.A, indeed. I mean, really - how many is it up to now?


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