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So, Psych fic, and of course it's not nearly to the tone or content of the show. (Figures. Perhaps I should just stick with being quietly gloomy, because I obviously can't write anything in the least bit fluffy.) In this rare case, however, I was actually aiming for gloomy and fucked up, mostly to prove a point about Shawn, which is: hey, guys, he's not actually that nice. In fact, consider this a child of [ profile] lucia_tanaka's Varying Degrees of Conartistry, which goes somewhere along the same lines. (A child that isn't nearly as good as the parent story, by the way. Read it. You'll never watch Psych the same way again.)

And re: my own personal issues - I swear, people, I wrote the angst after I wrote the fic. I just edited the angst first.

Okay, housekeeping. La-de-dah... Dates, of course, are all assuming Shawn was born in 1979; quotations are from On the Road, Crime & Punishment, "Daredevils", "Psy vs. Psy", and "Murder? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? Bueller?"

...Right. Fie ye away, fluff! Vice, vice, angst, baby, and bring on the gay!

great expectations
shawn / gus, shawn / lassiter, shawn / juliet
psych; r-whateva. general spoilers.

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1. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Why is Tim Omundson so fucking hard to draw?

2. Today someone mentioned that I looked like Ryan Lochte's younger sister. I of course JK LOL-LOL'd, but then later when I took a second look, I realized - well, I realized that they were kind of right. I'm, like, what would have happened had baby Ryan head-butted a wall. And then magically become female.

... This is weird.
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Confession time: I liked Barbara. Gruff, but kind of affectionate, rather like Mad-Eye Moody; I'm not usually into het ships, but I'd be quite content if she and Lassie became an item. They seem... okay for each other, if both would loosen up. And even though it was played off as a joke, I think it's cool that Lassie fell for this sturdy, middle-aged woman with the androgynous haircut. Go unusual tastes!

More than anything else, though, I think this week's Psych has cinched my opinion that Lassiter was made for dom/sub relationships. Or, perhaps, dom/sub relationships were made for Lassiter. Has anyone noticed that when romance comes into the fore, Lassie always seems to be the submissive partner? Though in his work he's so much of a leader to the point that it becomes obnoxious, he seems to be highly attracted to bossy, slightly (or more-than-slightly) masculine people who immediately take charge. (The exception would be Emilina, whom you could argue WOULD be commanding had her brain not been melted by drain cleaner.) It's an interesting contrast to Shawn, who tends to lean towards clever, pretty girls, the ones with glossy waves and fitted jackets.

...Damn. Now that we've met the Shawn-mother and Gus' parents - hell, even Vick's sister - I think it's time we meet Lassie's ex-wife. I am starting to harbor suspicions that she is awesome.

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1. As much as I like their music - they're about the only thing on the radio that I can actually tolerate, these days - I cannot figure out what is going on with the Flobots' music video for "Handlebars". The animation is all kinds of cool and I like the storyline (?!), but it doesn't have anything to do with the song. I always saw it as something like Jann Arden's "Love Is A Battlefield", a Claire/Elle theme anthem-for-the-young sort of thing: celebrating the little things, all the dorkiness and fail and win and mundane. Is it possible that this song is about something completely different, or were the music-video makers simply dying to use the blood-spatter technique they stole off Sin City? (& as far as said storyline goes - I can honestly say that this is the first music video for which extensive slash fanfic could be written for. Or, at least the first one I've seen. I mean... I like it. I want graphic novels and fics and fanmixes about it. Is that strange?)

2. Been working my way through all the episodes of Psych I've missed - and for only two seasons, there seems to be a lot - and I have had two revelations. Shawn/Lassie = ♥, and despite being kind of out of sync with the rest of the series, "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" was the best Psych episode so far. Without doubt.
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3. I do not know what's going on with this. But then again, it is French.
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