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Iran: *explodes*

I don't pretend to know anything but the bare bones about this whole affair, but reading this, it's... it's something. I don't know if I can properly articulate it, I don't know if I even have the right to - because in a tangental sense, James Ransome was right, I haven't held their babies - but I can say that it's sobering in the extreme. All this... humanness - the beatings and abductions and killings, and the courage of the people risking being beaten and abducted and killed, but still googling and Twittering and marching - is a wonder, and horror. Especially for me, I suppose, for Americans who just had the forty-fourth peaceful transition of power in the history of their country, and have never known any other way, but for the grace of God or Allah or George Washington or whomever-the-fuck. We made such a big deal of it. And it was a big deal - it was - but still. We didn't have blood running in the streets. This collective Twitter transcript, it's an education in revolutions themselves, because you have pages and pages of reported deaths and rumors and instructions, and then suddenly you have something like, "please RT urgent does anyone know whats happening near saiee park? my daughter is near" and you think,

oh fuck,

these are people we're talking about here.

IN COMPLETELY UNRELATED BUT INFURIATING NEWS: Thank you, assholes. I don't believe I've ever properly articulated how grateful I am for the right to exist. You know, like every other American. (Though for some reason they have the right to exist and the right to marry.) Just - ack. THE STUPID, IT BURNS.
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Ladies and gentlemen -

As of three minutes ago, the polls in Virginia just closed.
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No, no, no, Obama, you must not lose momentum. You can't not know your aunt's immigration status, or visit only a few states, or treat the election as a done deal, because it's NOT, and McCain is so very good at this, this pinch-hitting of his; he's good at being the underdog. No, you have to have momentum. You have to respect Newton's 1st Law. You must be loud and fast and ready. You must be unstoppable, a force of nature. You must bring the tide with you, and sweep up all those not already holding fast.

Also, make use of Joe the Biden. He's cute when he smiles.
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"[John McCain] is the man we need to leave! Uh, I mean, lead."

And if that doesn't crack you up enough, here, have some Fox News (only thirty seconds of it, though, because nausea really isn't that amusing). Hint: check out the old lady in the back. The one with the light pink suit. See? Awesome. And the laughter in the background. You may have to watch this a few times, actually; it just keeps getting better and better.


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