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Holy shit, it's the Kills. And, wow, I love that they used that song, even if it doesn't mesh with Thirteen. (Or, at least, I don't think so.)

And right, girlsecks. Say, who was the person that predicted Thirteen's bisexuality would not, in fact, end in a relationship but rather be an excuse for more cheap lesbian porn? Maybe [ profile] themollyedge? If so, I think we should give her a medal or something, because she obviously has a direct line into the writers' brains. Either that, or they're just really fucking predictable.
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- The new House episode
- Radiohead concert! I didn't go, but a friend did, and she said it was awesome. (She was under the awning, but apparently many people were not. Sorry, huddled masses. But at least you were there.)
- The fact that at this very moment, I have the mascot of the DC*Rollergirls working on my drains. And I got to talk with him.

Not Cool.
- Earthquakes in China
- How 13's bisexuality is made into a cheap joke. I realize that in House, everything from race to weight to gender is mockable, but lately they seem to be distancing themselves from their Big Massive 13 Reveal Campaign by ignoring the Hutchinson's thing and making fun of her Tarzan streak. Newsflash, House writers: there is more to a person than their sexual identity. Learn it, or Freedom the bisexual guinea pig most of the people on my f-list will bite you.
- This. What the fuck, America? This is not Stalin's Russia.

Don't listen to what they say, kids. The really cool people DON'T VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS AND DRUG PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Or refuse their psychiatric meds. Or just generally fuck up as much as Homeland Security does.
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House is BACK, baby!

...Rejoice, rejoice, and hope that Sunday's episode is better than the last one.


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