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So, posted the question about small-town lesbians in the 1980s to [ profile] little_details (thank you, [personal profile] nekosensei!), and... wow. Answers are really not pleasant, and you really get a sense of where the old-school gay activists are coming from. I feel like there's a disconnect in the gay rights movement - a generation gap of sorts, between the old-school activists (militant, segregationist, radical gay identity) and the newer-school folks (not militant, not segregationist; "it's not about sexuality, it's about equality"; especially gays & lesbians) who really de-emphasize the gay part. I mean, I'm definitely of the latter school of thought. For instance, it's always a little weird to see someone waving a rainbow flag; emotionally, at least, it seems a little bit like hanging the bloody sheets out of your window. (Intellectually, it's more complex, but that's my gut reaction.) And you know what, I'd prefer not to go through life as HEY LOOK HERE COMES THE LESBIAN, though of course to some degree I will. But damn, I can understand why there was that fierce... well, pride, if it came out of this.

All I can say is, thank fucking God for being born in 1992.

However, this poses a problem. Because, see, the fic I want to write (even though it's for the [ profile] lgbtfest) isn't about the fact that it's a lesbian affair; it's about love, and loss, and aftermaths, and all sorts of shit, but not that. Except, the lesbian thing seems so fucking HUGE I feel like I have to address it, significantly.

Thoughts? Advice? Brick to the head?
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As if the passing of Prop. 8 wasn't enough, now the esteemed Ken Starr is apparently trying to nullify the 18,000 marriages that took place before the Court decision. (Say it with me, now: bastard.) I mean, seriously, people? We're still on this? Really?

The point is, there's a campaign. And a video. Which is rather heartbreaking, and Regina Spektor, and, yeah. Watch it. Sign it. Send it on to as many people as you can, because maybe your name and email and zip code will never make it to the California Courts, but it has to mean something. It must.

(Interestingly enough, though, they seem to be taking the route a la Milk - focus on the people effected, rather than obscure bullshit about "protecting freedoms". Which is good, says I. It is much easier to shoot a paper target in the back than it is your next-door neighbor. Or, at least, most next-door neighbors. Some I would happily shoot anywhere.)
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As you may or may not know, the Obscure Object's birthday is coming up this weekend, and as she happens to love The Middleman (but never got to finish the season), I thought I'd get my hands on a copy. I mean, it's not officially out yet, but it can't be that hard, right?

Wrong. So far, I'm being rebuffed at every turn - torrents are a no-go, iTunes is similarly unhelpful - and I could use some help. Does anyone know where I could download these holy grails of quirky goodness without crashing my computer or breaking my bank account?
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Because [ profile] ticketsonmyself requested more life posts: of love and momentum.

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