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This is an introduction to someone whose face you won’t recall.
This is goodbye without the rest of the body.
This is what stopped having a pulse.
This is a reason to go on living.
This is a specimen of loss. This is finders keepers.
This is Thursday when actually it's Monday.
This is coming home to a dog and one-third of the neighbor’s cat.
This is a departure from Rachmaninov.
This is possession.
This is letting go.

- Arlene Ang
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...You guys, I seriously cannot express how much in love with this show I am right now, and how perfect the last three episodes were. I was never much into the Doctor Who fandom, but damn, I am getting really inspired now, because this is just - my show. My show, that makes me laugh and makes me cry and makes me clap my hands like a demented seal and squeal so loudly my dog starts barking.

This season = :D x infinity.
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...I am incredibly charmed by the new Doctor Who. Everyone is so awesome! (AMY!)
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Spoilers for THE END OF TIME, PART ONE )

And now I really want a Supernatural / Doctor Who crossover with the Doctor and the angels. Because if you think about it, angels are pretty much souped-up time lords with less angst. They live really long - jury's still out on if they live forever, or exist as fixed points in time & space, which I'm rooting for (It would explain how they manipulate time/space, after all - instead of moving through it, I think they would stand still and move it instead) - and muck around with timelines and the time/space universe gunk. Not to mention this fascination they seem to have with humans. And the self-righteousness. That too.
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Well, folks, it's official. The new Doctor is spoiler )
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Does anyone know of any quotes or particular moments during New Who that showcase the Doctor's ability to be a self-righteous bastard Ubermensch characteristics? I found the whole "You want to take it to a higher authority? There isn't one," bit - which I think is from New Earth - but despite the fact that I know there are just a PLETHORA of examples out there, I can't seem to find any.

I swear, it's quite important.
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For [ profile] dreamlittleyo, for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Ink and photoshop. 3 ½ hours, if you include the time I spent yelling at my scanner. (Word to the wise: never get an HP 3-in-1. They suck.) Read more... )
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Finally broke my Photoshop-block, and none too badly if I do say so myself. I mean, the cover's not great - it's rather generic, really - but I like it.

So, here's another one of these v-what-were-you-thinking, wanna-be-fic fanmixes. This round: Donna! With the Doctor, Lee, and Rose but not her dead fiance because he was kind of a twat. Enjoy.

Warning: this will make little to no sense if you don't read the back cover.

there's a chord in every muscle, every kiss you ever had )

ETA: Speaking of Rose/Donna... here, have a rec. [ profile] netgirl_y2k's A Change Is As Good As a Rest is a lovely, witty post-finale piece that gives both ladies the endings they deserve. Summary: Now she had a half Time Lord / half human lounging on her sofa watching the X-Factor, and the heart of a TARDIS growing in an empty jam jar in her kitchen.
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1. Maybe it was the crappy quality on YouTube, or maybe I'm just missing something, but I for one was not so wildly thrilled about Journey's End. Despite some clear attempts at humor, it mostly felt like one plot device after another, quantity over quality. I suppose that with the set-up that The Stolen Earth left them with, it was a question of wrapping up a lot of threads with cheap thread (the type that breaks too hard), or tying off some with the really high-quality polyester stuff. Couldn't afford both, of course. And the Beeb is nothing but economical.

2. See? I am good at procrastination and posting my stuff all at the same time.

Before we begin, though, a quick note about the linkage of this fanmix: Normally, when I make fanmixes, I post links for each individual song, because I know that sometimes, people are just here for the music and couldn't give a damn about my fannish leanings. Then, too, are some who share my fandoms and do care about the music, but don't need another copy of "Wonderwall", or just really, really don't like Portishead. And all of this is perfectly fine, because music is music, and even if it doesn't touch you one way it will, eventually, in another.

This mix, however, is not a collection of separate songs. Like most things, it started out as something else: a Doctor fanmix. But then there was Rose, and just when I'd finished with them, a song would come screaming "Master!". Which got me thinking, really, about the usual limitations of fanmixes, their structure. Unlike fics, they're usually centered around one character, one show, one pairing, and it's good, but not real. People don't fall in love just once, and, at the risk of sounding like a Girl Scout friendship song, love doesn't detract from itself. So I tried to do something different. This mix is a love story, not two.

Which brings me back to my original point: that this mix is meant to be treated as a whole, in the order I put them in, no songs left out. This, to me, is the story of Rose and the Doctor, the Doctor and the Master, the ones he loves but loses. As well as the titles and order of the songs, here is significance, too, in the instruments. Songs for the Doctor are string quartets, or cellos: deep, resonating, layered. Rose I envisioned as the lighter, though no less beautiful, piano (with a bit of Reinette thrown in there as well); the Master, of course, is represented by drums.

...I ramble muchly. SORRY, PEOPLE, SORRY.

in which there is zoe keating, tori amos, bear mccreary and other fun stuff )
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1. If you love Life on Mars, are vaguely familiar with Ashes to Ashes and want to distract yourself from the oncoming storm U.S. version, go read [ profile] trinityofone's absolutely fabulous "Nature Boy", found here and here. Yes, it is a WIP and the chapters are long, but it will BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER. (Or at least, it did for me.)

2. Icons! Long weekends do have their uses, after all.


Read more... )
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I shrink to admit it, but once I got over the... er, blondeness, I did end up liking Jenny the Knock-Off Time Lady. Why? Who knows. It certainly wasn't her perpetually overexcited demeaner, or her "Toxic" routine, or jail-escaping skills, or the rather questionable fact that she was born wearing eyeliner. To be completely honest, her most appealing factor was probably the way that the other characters played off of her. For instance, the Donna-Jenny dynamic. We had all expected the Doctor-Jenny thing to be going on, and it was great (from Tennant's side, anyway), but I for one did not anticipate Donna doing the maternal and actually making it... nice. I aw'd.

you can't say goodbye, we never really met... you just burnt my bed and tore out the stars and kissed my forehead )
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Re: The Unicorn and the Wasp...

According to [ profile] redscarlach, this is the first episode they filmed with Catherine Tate, and it really shows - not just the snappy dialogue typical to Doctor Who, but a lot of good physical comedy. I quite liked it, really, and LOL'd at the ginger beer comment.

I did have one bone of contention, though: the death of Roger, which struck me as... well, pointless. What further irks is that it probably wouldn't have been written into the script except for his "constitutionals" with the footman.

For that matter, does anyone remember any gay couple in the Whoverse - nay, any dramashow - that aren't main characters, and still manage to survive past the credits?
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1. ...This has got to be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

2. Part two of the femslash-fanmixes. (Yes, I know.)

tie yourself to me, no one else - no, you're not rid of me )
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Dear David Tennant: Why is it so hard to icon you? I mean, Eccleson's got an excuse, with the nose, but you have none besides all your pointy bits, which even added up together don't amount to much square footage. Please stop being so difficult and submit to my photoshop skills.


rose & martha & donna, oh my )
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So I as I was saying - what was it, yesterday? - I recently watched Voyage of the Damned and as some of you might know (doubt it), I wrote a little rant about it. But as I realize nobody actually reads these rants I will recap: I did not like Astrid. I think Kylie Minogue is a talentless dolled-up twit, and having her run around in a French maid costume and dominatrix boots for the majority of the episode did not endear her to me. However, I was mildly fascinated by the manner of her ressurection - not in terms of good luck Astrid but rather well, THAT was a bit stupid of him - and of course, it got me thinking about her death, and that led to the fact that in Doctor Who, there are few men looking tearful as they plummet to their deaths.

I realize that Doctor Who is a fairly progressive show, what with JACK HARKNESS Donna, Rose, Mister McGoogles and whatnot, and Torchwood oversteps 'fairly progressive' and lands somewhere in the vicinity of SHAG SHAG SHAG bit a' swearing bit a' blood SHAG. Despite this, there is a disconcerting amount of women in refrigerators (or spaceships, or what have you) in the Whoverse. I mean, unless a man - and I mean HUman, not alien equivalent - is completely useless, idiotic, or just a downright bastard, there's a pretty low chance of him getting knocked off, whereas women drop like flies. In Doctor Who, the dead women are usually used to kick the Doctor's Guilt-O-Meter to whatever the proper number is that week; in Torchwood, the deaths are plot development. Perhaps because it's in no way billed as a "family show" and thus has more deaths in general, Torchwood has a lot of these WIRs - a lot of gals stabbed, raped, strangled, shot, taken over or killed in some other interesting manner.

I'm not sure if this is a reflection on the fact that in our society, it's easier to feel outraged by the deaths of women more than men or just the fact that they scream better. In any case, I'm trying not to make assumptions. I love both shows, and the after-images of the Feminist Explosion better not block out the TV screen. I just think they deserve an... epitaph, of sorts?

(And, of course, I was bored.)

an epitaph for 23 women dead or close to it )
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Having just watched Voyage of the Damned (three cheers for SciFi-channel marathons), I find myself wondering: does anyone else think the Doctor must have really, really hated Astrid? I mean, it's either that, or he's a lot more cruel, selfish, and just plain stupid than he looks.

Me: Good job, Doctor. You've just created yet another person who can't die, ever, someone doomed to wander the universe until the end of time and beyond. (And this one doesn't even have a body - just a vague sort of conciousness that, no matter how much it sees or what it touches, will always be on the outside & alone.)

Y.A.N.A, indeed. I mean, really - how many is it up to now?


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