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1. Terrorist Arabs! Mystical Indian beliefs = cannibalism! Promiscuous but gorgeous black woman who serves as a contest for two white guys! (And, admittedly, gets them back in the end.) Hitting suspect over the head in complete violation of the law!

The first season of Bones is so BAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!

Thank God it improved so drastically over the next few seasons. The characters, too - Bones is apparently one of those shows where the characters are better off for knowing each other, which is not too uncommon in television (SGA, SG-1, White Collar - the ultimate obverse of this would be Supernatural), but damn, this is probably the most overt case I've ever seen. Especially Brennan, Booth, and Hodgins. Wow.

2. As of this past weekend, New York City was crowded, dirty, noisy, and extremely impolite. AND I LOVED IT.
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There's a television episode out there that deals with not only transsexualism but Christianity - in combination! - that doesn't want me to tear my eyes out in frustration?! And said episode, in fact, is philosophical, thoughtful, and respectful of both (but especially the former), and makes the assertion that you can be transsexual and not be "un-Christian"?!

(Admittedly, the constant pronoun confusion played for laughs was annoying, but it was written as mostly honest confusion - complicated by the fact that the transwoman in question had a son before sex reassignment and a lot of the episode dealt with that past - and not people being complete assholes. In fact, most of it was like, BOOM! BIGOT SHUTDOWN!)

...Whoah. Apparently there's intelligent life out there in the land of TV!


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