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Well, you guys, September 29th has rolled around, and it's official: as I feared, I didn't finish my Big Bang.

There are several reasons for this, but surprisingly, the one thing I was really worried about - word-count - was still a problem, but not nearly in the way I expected. I didn't have any problem reaching 40,000 words - my problem was that I was 40,000 words and only halfway done! Most of the things that needed to happen for it to make sense hadn't made it in there yet, and there were a lot of plot points, which I suppose brings me to the second reason I didn't finish. I bit off way more than I could chew, guys. For fear of having no plot and nothing to write about I created this totally complicated one.

In addition to all that, I really should have known better than to have attempted writing a novel in the senior summer of high school, just when Hurricane College is about to hit. I'm applying to a bunch, visiting even more, writing filing cabinets' worth of essays, putting together a visual portfolio, a vocal portfolio, editing my written portfolio. I thought I'd have time, but the truth is, even in July, the palm trees were already starting to rustle.

I may continue this monster; I may not. In any case I suspect that even when I finish it, it'll need to go through several drafts before it's even presentable, much less any good. Because, apparently, that writer who takes thirty-five years to write their masterpiece? Yeah, that's totally me.

So, did I learn things? Yes. Was I glad that I tried it, even if I didn't succeed, so at least I wouldn't have any regrets on that front? Yes.

Am I still pretty fucking disappointed?

Well. You can guess.
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So, I'm finally putting all the little pieces together in chronological order and rewriting the gaps, and only now does it occur to me that I may have a problem. Because, the first part? Nearly 10,000 words, and Norina hasn't even gotten onto Atlantis yet. That's not even the first chapter as much as the prologue, and already it's 1/4 of my minimum wordcount, and I think about 3,000 words-worth of it may be completely extraneous to the plot, and I need to write about 3,000 more words in back-story to even get those to make sense.

In conclusion: ERK.
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When I signed up for the Big Bang I expected months of hell on wheels, but oddly enough, between bouts of sheer terror, utter blankness, and procrastination, I'm actually having a lot of fun with this project. Unsurprisingly, though, it's gotten rather complex - or at least, there's a lot of crap I'm trying to hit - and for once my Google-fu and anthropology-major mother have both failed me. (Horror!) So, to jump straight to the point: All of you multicultural f-list people, could you try to round up as many images and myths of desire as you can? I already have fruit (duh), Persephone and the pomegrantes, Eve and the apple (or pomegranate), Eden, etc., but I'm sure there are more desire/temptation myths out there, and I could use some fodder.
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1. Houston, we have plot!

There is nothing in the world like that rush that comes with knowing how it all falls into place. I swear. It's like seeing God.

On a related note, SATs suck small brass monkey balls.

2. While reading about Nazi Germany's problems with two-valued orientation - it got to the level that "German" was a synonym for "good", and everything "non-German" was bad* - it occurred to me that Pegasus would probably have a similar problem with "Wraith" and "non-Wraith". We've seen this in episodes like Inquisition, where the Lanteans were criminalized for their alliance with the Wraith, and in fact it was the alliance that was considered illegal, and not what they were actually doing within the confines of said alliance (which, admittedly, was pretty sketchy too, but for the Wraith and probably not for humans, except to call into question what humanity really is). Sheppard's explanation of what they were trying to accomplish didn't sway their horror at all. So great is Pegasus fear of Wraith that the mere word is repellent, and in fact, I think in the pilot Teyla cautioned against telling tales [of the Wraith], confusing the word with the thing, as if the word could call the nightmares down on them. At this point, I don't even think the Wraith would necessarily have to be involved for something to be classified as "Wraith". It's been a pet theory of mine for a while that matrilineal and matriarchal society is more common in Pegasus than it is on Earth**, but because the Wraith are matrilineal and matriarchal, one could easily unhinge a human matrilineal/matriarchal tradition by arguing that this is unnatural because it is Wraith-like, that they're Wraith worshippers. Bollocks, but it gets people scared. Just as I would bet that the societies who were matrilineal/matriarchal - even just to an extent, like the Athosians - would have different words for "human Queen" and "Wraith Queen", while the non matrilineal/matriarchal societies wouldn't, necessarily.

On the subject of Wraith worshippers, we're not given much canon, but it's clear that they do exist, and people know of them, even if they're not common. The team has before been accused of "bringing the Wraith down on people" both in incidents where they are responsible for this (Ronon, as mentioned in Sateda) and incidents where they have not. And cullings, as we know, are not random, but to non-technically advanced village or even a society with no space travel (and thus space sensors), for all intents and purposes they might as well be. I wouldn't be surprised if "Wraith worshipper" is used in the same connotation as the Middle Ages "witch": a person who would get blamed in the aftermath of a culling even if they had nothing to do with it. "Executions"*** of supposed "Wraith worshippers" are probably quite frequent in Pegasus, especially on heavily culled planets. Methods of murder are rather brutal. Again, these are the outcasts of society this is happening to, or those who have economic power or possessions that others covet, and like a witch, a "Wraith worshipper" would probably be pretty hard to disprove. Go through the Ring any time within the past year? Guilty. Have any sort of interspace/interstellar transmitter technology? Guilty. Are a recent immigrant, consort with recent immigrants, or talked to a Ring traveler recently? Guilty. Even presumably using fucking semaphores that the Wraith might presumably see from space? Guilty.

The Atlanteans are sitting on a bombshell here. If their alliance with the Wraith ever comes into the public light****, heads are going to roll. Their trade allies would shun them. Atlantis might be attacked by those with space travel. It would be impossible to go through the Gate for fear of offworlders administering "justice" and killing any expedition teams. Really, the best way for the Wraith to destroy the Atlantis once and for all is to embrace them as friends. Because foreigners who have been allied with Wraith queens, are allied with Hive commanders, have a former Runner and a military commander who enjoyed the same benefits of Wraith worshippers******, created Wraith-human hybrids, often have female leaders, fucking woke the Wraith in the first place, and are suspiciously closed-mouth about all the other shit they're doing?

Definitely guilty.

*From General Ludendorff's Am Quell Deutscher Kraft: "The rabbit, it is certain, is no German animal, if only for its painful timidity. It is an immigrant who enjoys a guest's privilege. As for the lion, one sees in him indisputably German fundamental characteristics. Thus one could call him a German abroad."

**Because the Wraith are nearly impossible to defeat militarily - not that it's kept anyone from trying - reproduction is really a society's only defense against complete destruction. Thus, reproductive power - which lay with women, no pun intended - would trump military might - which can lay with either one but traditionally has rested mostly on males. I don't pretend to be an expert in the field, though.

***Which is probably what they're called, and again, even this has a connotation with it: that the person being killed has committed a crime and are being brought to "justice", as opposed to being killed or murdered.

****To the extent that it's widely known instead of just to the Genii, allies of the Genii, and the handy dandy Genii spy network.

*****Regeneration, the "gift of life".
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I'm trying to decide whether it's prudent or just pathetic to post the same response-meme twice in a row, but I figure, fuck it, no one replied the first time and I could use all the help I can get with writing. Especially since I signed up for a three month long heart attack [ profile] sgabigbang; if I'm doing anything badly, I really want to know before I write 40,000+ words of that bad.

So, I'll say it again: please, please give me feedback. Even if it's just, you suck. Or, you have no concept of plot. (Which is true.) Just, make like the Beatles. HELP.


ETA: I am sorry if I appear frustrated and short-tempered, it's just that, well, I am. The Bad has set in. Beware.
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Guess what I just did? That's right, folks; I signed up for the 2009 [ profile] sgabigbang.

Oh god, Mr. Cheney, I'll go ahead and get out my duck hunting vest so you can shoot me now.


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