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1. [ profile] remixredux09 fic is done, and holy shit, it's 10,000 words, and I still think I could have written more. This is so completely out of character. What do you think, folks? Should I get myself checked out for a Goa'uld or what?

I have to say, I've been working on this Big Bang fic for weeks, but this is the first time I think I can actually pull it off.

2. Still have not seen Children of Earth or Half-Blood Prince. Erk. Next time, when a workaholic parent says they want to see things with me - and thus make me wait for them to clear out their schedule, because I promised I'd see it with them first - I should, as Nancy Reagan said, just say no.

3. Femslash Big Bang ([ profile] thelittlebang) art is done! I created art for [ profile] ryf's Repression. I know it was supposed to be an epic struggle against all the things that Sam and Vala kept hidden, pushed down, but reading it, what struck me the most was the sheer, simple caring they showed for each other (well, that, and the red alien sunflowers). In short, it felt not so much an adventure as a sweet, slightly-daring love story with a slightly disconnected, psychedelic feel. For the cover, I took my cues from Art Nouveau and some of the hippy concert posters floating from the seventies: slightly unearthly, flowing lines and warm colors. Stripped down to skin, which - depending on which way you see it - could be their "essential selves" or the blank slates that their symbiotes viewed them as. (Never let it be said that I don't add a little of the tragic to pretty much everything I do!) The red flower is one of the alien sunflowers from the planet where the incident happened; I don't know why, but they really stuck in my mind, perhaps because I find the idea of red sunflowers a lot more appealing than yellow ones.

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For [ profile] laura_isaac, as per her request in - you guessed it - the Fall Fandom Free-for-All: Amanda Young in Jigsaw's robes. Bonus points if it's suggestive. I think I kind of failed at the Jigsaw's robes part, but she's in somebody's robes, anyways. And no, she's not masquerading as a vampire.

Pen and photoshop, 2 hours.

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...Yep, I'm on a noir kick.

For [ profile] entwashian, as per her request for the Fall Fandom Free-for-All: Veronica Mars is a werewolf. Either after the series, or an AU of the series. Ink and photoshop, 3 hours. Couldn't decide whether I liked the grayscale or black & white version better, so: surprise! You get both.

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For [ profile] dreamlittleyo, for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Ink and photoshop. 3 ½ hours, if you include the time I spent yelling at my scanner. (Word to the wise: never get an HP 3-in-1. They suck.) Read more... )
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1. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Why is Tim Omundson so fucking hard to draw?

2. Today someone mentioned that I looked like Ryan Lochte's younger sister. I of course JK LOL-LOL'd, but then later when I took a second look, I realized - well, I realized that they were kind of right. I'm, like, what would have happened had baby Ryan head-butted a wall. And then magically become female.

... This is weird.
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Pencil and photoshop, three hours; I drew in the intervals during the Democratic Convention (yeah Bill!). I love the smudge feature. I'm also rather ridiculously proud of myself, as I don't own a tablet, so this was all on the little touchy-pad on the laptop.

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The other one for the Dogged by Muses: Summer Femslash Advent Calendar.

First foray into the gritty, hormone-fueled world of Torchwood characterization, so, should be interesting. (I mean, it's certainly not off-base that Tosh has got kind of a, well, bad lovelife? So this isn't SO farfetched?) It was also my first time writing & drawing an actual comic, as opposed to a strip (which I'm completely bollocks at anyways); it was interesting. Might do it again sometime, but perhaps in a day and age where I can properly draw clothes, and proportional anatomy.

...But it's colorful. Oh yes.

closing credits
tosh / pearl, tosh / mary
torchwood; r for the nekkid and artistic sex. spoilers for 2.9 From Out of the Rain.

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