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Some basics: this is my vid recs post, originally compiled for [personal profile] wordsatourbacks and [ profile] stubbel, but essentially open to everybody.

Many of the fandoms listed here are ones I'm not familiar with. I watch vids indiscriminately; if they're well-done, I don't particularly care about the fandom, but I will have more vids in fandoms that I'm actually in - Supernatural, SGA, etc. I'm certainly not the be-all, end-all of vid reccers, and in fact, I'm not even that deep into the vidding part of fandom. Really, this is pretty much a hundred vids by about twenty vidders, and you've probably heard of 90% of them already, BUT THIS SHALL NOT STOP ME. If you want more vid recs, I suggest [ profile] kiki_miserychic, [personal profile] thefourthvine, [personal profile] hazelk, [personal profile] giandujakiss, and [ profile] obsessive24 to start.

This page (I hope) will also serve as a place for other people to post their vid recs. If you've found something you think I'll like, post!

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Deep Kick by [ profile] absolutedestiny
"Teen life and all that that implies." [personal profile] hazelk has this to say about it: it's "a hard vid to watch, it pulls no punches about what happens to group of fifteen-year-old gangland boys, their confusion and pain. But it also manages to convey the deep bonds that form between them and why those who survive might in the end look back on the experience and agree with the Butthole Surfers that: It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do." As [ profile] laurashapiro says, "I remember adolescence this way, too: the boredom, the violence, the self-hatred and other-hatred and out of control desire and an overwhelming combination of futility and hope, power and powerlessness, and those fragile yet intense connections that made it possible to keep getting out of bed in the morning." This wasn't my experience of adolescence, but it still registers strongly and painfully with me, and maybe it's yours, in which this vid will probably register even stronger.

Vogue by Luminosity
If you haven't heard of this and why it's awesome, you either joined fandom yesterday, or you're dead. And even then, I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

Can't Tell Me Nothing by [ profile] bananainpyjamas
"Either you're somebody or you ain't nobody. A Frank Lucas study." Probably one of my favorite vids on this list - though the narrative isn't overly complex (a character study, with a side of "the cost of fame"), the musicality of this is incredible, with almost every single movement on-screen tied to the music in some way, and combined with the gritty footage, it creates a gritty, melancholy, almost old-epics'-tragic atmosphere that I find myself coming back to again and again.

Heart of Funkness by [ profile] absolutedestiny
"Things I tried to do in this vid? Well, for one I wanted to make a vid that was all about war equating to male sexual frustration, putting in as many phallus images, ejaculatory explosions and finally spiralling into some tribal, primal hell of fleshy frustrated insane homo-eroticism.... and animal slaughter." Vietnam set to DISCO.

Mermaid Blues by [ profile] saltwatergirl
More than any other vid on this list, this one breaks my heart, retelling the events of Atonement from Robbie's viewpoint instead of Briony's. Gorgeous, tragic, and incredibly symbolic, this is a must-watch. I can't even begin to start on how much I love it, but if you want further meta, check [ profile] obsessive_24's comment on the vid page.

Heavenly by [ profile] bananainpyjamas
"Not that heavenly scene." A compassionate and complex, but painfully stark, look at Zuko, and his relationship with his father, sister, and mother - Iroh is oddly absent - and the Avatar, the whole blackened mess of love and loyalty and fear and hatred. Despite being a fanvid with a 2D-source, which I usually hate, this vid moves with a wonderful organic musicality, and I was struck once more at the complexity of Zuko's journey. There's a decisiveness here - strange because Zuko's pretty much the ultimate indecisive character, too much of a good person to commit himself fully to either side, and torturing himself over this perceived weakness. "Everything I could be... everything I should be, I'm not." Just as the scar marks him as an outcast, an outsider, he never really belongs fully to either side, yanked between these disparate loyalties, and the eventual reaching of decisiveness reads to me not as triumphant, but as oddly sad; the final breaking of (albeit drastically weakened) ties he's clung to and been utterly shaped by his entire life.

The Avatar Tomorrow by Reoer
"You've got to believe it'll be alright in the end." Aang, Zuko, and the gang; heroism, optimism, the world, and the future. Oh, and it's set to Duran Duran. I'm not too crazy about the over-the-top special effects here and there, but there are parts of this that are brilliant, especially the introductions of Aang and Zuko, and the montage of friends and allies at the end. (A brief note about linkage: link above is to the Megaupload download link, which was tracked down from a YouTube video that I'm fairly sure someone else posted, and my Google-fu is failing me in regards to vidder's page. If you find it, let me know!)

Tamacun by [ profile] cherryice
"See Appa. See Appa fly. See Appa stomp. Stomp, Appa, stomp." An APPA VID, OMG, in which everyone's favorite flying bison is awesome and beautifully cut to some very fun guitar music. This is the second vid on this list to use Rodrigo y Gabriela's "Tamacun", and though as far as vid musicality I prefer the other one, it does lend a certain playfulness and lightness to Appa's movements. In any case, being about Appa, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Slow Down Gandhi by Nicky
"The truth keeps callin' me, and I'ma live to tell the story." From the point of view of Gaeta, Zarek and the proles; a class reading of the show. Incredibly interesting, well-edited, and angry, though as [personal profile] hazelk says, "It’s all there in this vid. Gold lit decadence aboard Colonial One while the masses lurk in the shadows. The egocentric anger driving the men who would be Ghandi. Throughout the people remain a blur, camera pans over hands and feet, only coming face to face with the viewer when the show’s over and still nothing has changed."

Mayday! by [ profile] cherryice
"They say she's gone beserk." Frantic, incredibly well-edited Boomer vid.

Hera Has Six Mommies by [ profile] tallulah71
Another I-don't-know-what-the-hell-I'm-talking-about-but-it's-awesome vid. As [personal profile] hazelk said, this vid is "the big BSG obsessions with sex and death and reproductive imperatives. The mobius strip network of relationships between the women. Hera running through the still centre."

Safe From Harm by [personal profile] hazelk
"Laura dreams." An "embiggenment of the dream thing Laura had going in the S2’s Epiphanies, [using] the deathbed sequences from that episode to frame her whole story from the day the bombs went off to the end of the New Caprican occupation." Or, Laura Roslin taking her baby home.

Brand New You're Retro by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
"All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again." Crossover with Caprica. As the vidder says: "I kept thinking of palindromes when editing this because when it comes to BSG and Caprica, well, what's brand new and what's retro? Everything is cyclical and even the new show is set before the old show but it plays with the same themes and ideas that we all loved so much." I don't know much about the source, but the vid is captivating.

Revelations by [ profile] saltwatergirl
Crossover with the "Forever Blue" episode of Cold Case. A fascinating study of the tragedy of the closet: two closeted gay couples, and the damage they leave in the wake of lies and impossible passions, both to the people around them, and to themselves. Or, no one gets out alive. As the secrets are unearthed - revelations coming to light - the crumbling houses these people have built just bury them further.

Bachelorette by Nicky
"In the shape of a girl." Read the vidder's meta on the linked page, because she says it better than I ever will, but suffice to say that everything in this vid are things that need to be talked about, and the vid itself is incredible, and I read it as ultimately triumphant.

Origin Stories by [personal profile] giandujakiss
"It's Nikki Woods' fucking coat." Scathing, and rightly so. See comments for meta. Also, see this post by [personal profile] thingswithwings for even more meta, and then this post by [profile] eruthos for even more, and then this post for a slightly less congratulatory review, and... well, you get the idea.

Scarlet Ribbons by [personal profile] hazelk
"Your faces, O my sisters! Your faces filled of light!" Girldom and slayerhood.

Jesus for the Jugular by [ profile] obsessive_24
"Ain't nobody ever gonna have to die." Headtrippy and dark and incredibly NSFW. Read vidder's notes for debates about The Nature of Good and Evil, as Carnivàle inevitably demands. (And why the fuck was this show cancelled again? Idiots.)

Big City Life by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
"Don't let the system get you down." I'm not familiar with the fandom, but even still the picture this vid paints makes me ache for the characters, caught in these huge systems of fear and history and someone else's idea of what should be, trying to live their life and do what's right. Sad and desperate and beautiful.

Attention: Gotham by [ profile] cherryice
"There is a war going on for your mind." An eerie, foreboding PSA-style look at the undercurrents of voice, power, and politics in that movie. There's an extension vidder's commentary here, which I all urge you to check out - it's intelligent and readable, and really enriches the experience of watching this vid.

Ooh La La by [ profile] greensilver
"A long, strange trip." Fantastic and trippy look into the main character's head and his newly-found superpowers.

Tanglewood Tree by [ profile] butterfly
"Three good people, in various kinds of love." Johnny/Sarah/Walt. A sympathetic, well-edited view at an incredibly complex love triangle, set to one of my favorite "complex love" songs ever.

Keep Breathing by chasa
"Maybe she'll get what she wants this time around." The tragedy of Deb. This is a season one-season two vid, but sadly, with a few extra clips, it could be a season three-season four vid as well.

Ramalama (Bang Bang) by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
TRIPPY. A season-one Dexter character study.

Convenient Parking by [ profile] cherryice
Crossover with Criminal Minds, putting the CM team in the middle of the season two, Bay Harbor Butcher storyline. Not much deep symbolism to it, but flawlessly edited to a beautiful song, and incredibly fast-paced, claustrophobic, and eerie.

Strip My Mind by [ profile] saltwatergirl
For those of you who don't know, The Dreamers is a Bernardo Bertolucci movie, based on Gilbert Adair's book "The Holy Innocent". Set in Paris, 1968 - during the student riots - it's the story of Matthew, an American student, who meets siblings Theo and Isabelle. All three bond over their shared love for cinema, and this friendship evolves into an intense menage a trois until, as the vidder says, "Somewhere down the line, things get out hand." I've never seen the source, but the vid itself tells an incredibly powerful narrative - of being caught between intimate, insular love and the rest of the world; of youth in revolt; of idealism and hope, and change both terrible and great. What struck me was the insularity of this threesome, how clearly they've carved out this magical, almost untouchable space for themselves and can't seem to exist outside of it. All their intimacy occurs in these claustrophobic places - darkened movie theaters, blanket forts, bathtubs, little apartment kitchens - with the rest of the world portrayed as a violent, chaotic place, and when their relationship moves out of these places, it devolves into the same. Though it uses a bit too much zooming for me, the vid is also exceptional for its use of color, light, and movement; even watching it on a little computer screen is an incredibly beautiful, sensual experience. NSFW for nudity and molotov cocktails.

Tamacun by Flummery
"Dresden. Harry Dresden." Awesome little character vid. I have no idea what's going on here beyond what I've scraped off Wikipedia, but it's very entertaining and well-edited, with great music. Rodrigo y Gabriela = ♥.

Mothership by [ profile] laurashapiro
"Dance, you beautiful chunk of the universe!" For Club Vivid, a celebration of the Doctor Who universe (and what a very, very bouncy universe it is).

Don't Stop Me Now by [ profile] charmax
"Sometimes an evil genius just needs to let his hair down and have some fun." The Doctor and the Master. Wheeeeeee! That's pretty much it. But it's FUN and fantastically edited.

Handlebars by Flummery
"I'm the Doctor. Look me up." Or, the Doctor is one scary motherfucker. This is one of the holy triumvirate of "Handlebars" vids - Iron Man, BSG, and Doctor Who - and in my opinion, the best. As [personal profile] hazelk put it, all three are about different kinds of hubris, and this is that of a god trying to be a man. Or, this: "The slow slide down from innocent glee into knowing abandon is downright sick. It starts out all wiggly fingers, funny glasses, smiles, then it gets heavy and irky at the "look at me" to "I can do anything...". I'm already hooked and flailing when the guns come in, the bomb, the years, the ugliness, the violence... Then of course it's the Doctor's glee at his fingersnapping that doesn't feel innocent any longer. I feel like the shadows that pulled back after looking up the Doctor." Our favorite Time Lord, at his most arrogant and terrifying.

The World Is Not Enough by [ profile] big_n_happy
"RIVER SONG, BITCHES." Or, let me show you how River Song is one BAMF. An exhilarating vid, but a terrifying one too, with an eerie edge in that River Song really is the Doctor's match, in awesomeness, in self-sacrifice, and in the dangerousness of a smart, reckless, sometimes ruthless woman who's a mover and shaker, and always one step ahead of the game, who - like the Doctor - could have easily been a bad person, but instead chose to be a good one. This is almost the companion to "Handlebars", in a way; watching it, one gets that River and the Doctor are playing chess with the world as pieces, and while they've decided to mean well, it's still unsettling for the pawns.

Teeth in the Grass by [ profile] sapote3
"About Nine and Rose, and Ten and Martha. And their issues." This vid won't actually load on my computer, for whatever reason, but I've heard it's quite fantastic. Watch it and let me know!

I by [personal profile] fan_eunice
"Anything but hear the voice." Part of her ongoing Eleventy Project - in which she makes a vid for every Eleven episode - this is the one for Amy's Choice. It was a fantastic episode, shivery and fascinating and darkly humorous, and this vid is even better, concentrating all those things into three minutes of slowly creeping discomfort, eerie and elegant and cold and scary. The song choice - Andrew Bird's "I" - was a brilliant move on [personal profile] fan_eunice's part, too. Fans of Bird will recognize it as the twisted, dissonant version of the more upbeat "Imitosis", which both lends the vid a wealth of "Imitosis"'s themes and lyrics, which go unspoken but implied in "I", as well as an added creepiness from the dissonance between the two.

World Town by [ profile] big_n_happy
"You may either protest or forget." Or, "guns out!" Or, the show's confused relationship with violence didn't stop at Ten. As the vidder points out, "the Doctor really does shun moral responsibility and consequences," and this does a fantastic job of unpacking that, with unusual but effective vidding choices - the purposefully jerky, disconnected editing; two voiceovers; and a wealth of visual motifs, masks and guns and bodies and, ultimately, revelations.

Stuck to You by [ profile] humansrsuperior
"NEW TEAM TARDIS LOOOOOOVE." And that's pretty much it, except with extra adorableness. Amy! Rory! Eleven! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Change of Time by [personal profile] trelkez
"Rory Williams, time traveler." Another Team Tardis OT3 vid rec, but this time about RORY! Which makes me very happy. Sweet and a little bit sad, and guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes at least.

History Repeating by [ profile] rhoboat
"History repeats for the Doctor." A fun, clever vid about either the predictability of the Doctor, or the predicability of the writers.

It Depends On What You Pay by [personal profile] giandujakiss
"You've come a long way, baby." Another vid dealing with rape culture, though this time for Dollhouse's uniquely creepy consent issues or, "mind-control doesn't equal a yes, darling". After this, you'll never watch Dollhouse the same way again, or more likely, you'll never watch Dollhouse again, period.

How Much Is That Geisha In the Window? by [ profile] lierdumoa
"For the FUCK YOU challenge: Fuck you, Joss, you racist asshole - an ode to the invisible Asians of Firefly." An angry, layered, intelligent commentary on racism, gender, orientalism, and American history in Firefly. Watch it, and then seek out what everyone else has to say about it, which is a lot.

Secret Asian Man by [ profile] shati
"A Chinese Austin Powers on a mission from Chairman Mao." Another Firefly-has-serious-issues-with-invisible-Asians vid. Funny where the last one was angry, but no less critical.

Well Well Well by Gwenyth
Faith doesn't always mean belief. Shepherd Book vid.

The Day the Air Turned Blue by [ profile] cherryice
"Yesterday, upon the stair / I met a man who wasn’t there. Olivia, Jacksonville." Striking, evocative Olivia vid that - even though I'm not particularly familiar with the source, or really, at all familiar - astounds me with its haunting, dream-like quality.

Estheric Messages by [personal profile] thuviaptarth
"The recruitment of Olivia Dunham." Haunting, eerie Olivia vid with astounding musicality. For Fringe fen: apparently this deals with fate, and destiny vs. choice, and if this is the quality of stuff being turned out, I really need to get into this show! For now, I'll say this: it's beautiful, and it gives me shivers. Especially this, which is apparently what the vid was inspired by. As [personal profile] hazelk says, "Alchemical beginnings. A pale woman with mermaid hair. The dead sing. The drowned world speaks to her in patterns. What’s important is what’s missing."

Lullaby by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"Olivia won't go back to sleep." Another Jacksonville vid. Again, don't know much (if anything) about this fandom, but this looks quite interesting and well-edited.

Rock Steady by [personal profile] hazelk
Incredibly fascinating re-appropriationist take on what appears to be a rather queer movie (haven't seen it, wouldn't know). It's not a narrative, per se, but rather a free association exercise, these building and rebuilding climaxes of deeply symbolic objects/actions, all coming together to, if not render the title character triumphant, than at least (as [personal profile] hazelk said) "give her the last word". Love the comparison of Gilda's sexuality to the sword-stick.

I'm Yours by [ profile] aycheb
"There’s no people like show people." Oh, Glee Club. Like many people, I went from loving the show, to disliking it, and finally to cringing when it came up on my television schedule - and this is why - but this vid made me so sad and happy, because these were the characters that I first loved when it came on, and this is the show that I wish it could have been.

Beethoven's Fifth Golddigger by [ profile] absolutedestiny
As [ profile] bofoddity said on her [ profile] halfamoon rec: "Gone with the Wind is a movie with problematic attitude to race. Kanye West's Gold Digger (vid uses a mash-up version) is a song with problematic attitude to women. Together, they make an interesting, challenging vid. A look at Scarlett O'Hara, how she stands out from her time." It's not a particularly kind portrayal of her, and probably stronger for it.

In Exchange for Your Tomorrows by Lim
Simultaneously a story of Snape, his connection to Harry, and his place in Dumbledore's war and Wizarding society, this is a monumentally epic narrative of "no way out", with a stunning symbolic evolution, fantastic juxtaposition, and a real moody musicality. Check [personal profile] hazelk's analysis for a more educated (and thorough) look at it.

Beautiful Struggle by [ profile] nightchik
“Life is beautiful. Life is a struggle. Life is a beautiful struggle.” A political view of Harry Potter. Technically speaking, this vid is a rarity on this list in that it's very literally coded to the lyrics: the narrative is predominately verbal, rather than visual. It's not usually my cup of tea, and at some points, the literalism was annoying, but some parts were brilliant, and I suppose that's mostly a matter of preference, anyway. Thematically speaking, people's mileage seems to vary with this one: some people think it's appropriative, and other people think it highlights a dimension of the saga that's rarely seen or talked about, i.e. the political dimension. Personally, I think it worked, but it's not without its problems.

Persona by [ profile] shati
Bob the Haitian! Layers of mirrors and hiding and masks and hiding, all the while slowly unveiling the character beneath the man we know so little about. As [ profile] untrue_accounts said, "[Shati] manages to convey the interiority of a character [...] who when he's appeared has been defined by silence and stillness. And the multiple meanings of 'persona' and 'mask', both personal and racial, are used to great effect." [personal profile] thingswithwings also has longer thoughts about this vid here.

Skin by chasa
Casino Royale in about four minutes, and set to Andrew Bird. Lovely, and both the vid and the song used are catchy as hell.

'Till the Clouds Clear by [ profile] butterfly
"Here comes the storm." Perfectly captures why I loved this show at its best and was still fascinated by it at its worst - the intricacy and complexity of the relationships in Gilboa (and tangentially, the incredible degree to which gender and ideas about femininity/masculinity informs these characters' lives, especially those of the royal family - not just unconsciously, but as a deliberate choice by the writers to portray a society with gender roles very similar to our own). In many ways, this is a vid about David and Jonathan as the heirs to Silas' legacy, both good and bad, politically and spiritually, but the entire cast shines through, to the point where I want to watch this entire series again for Michelle, Rose, Reverend Samuels, and Thomasina, too.

Start the Commotion by [ profile] danegen
Otherwise known as, HARDISON IS AWESOMECAKES WITH EXTRA SAUCE, TO DANCE MUSIC. And his relationships with Eliot and Parker are pretty damn awesome as well. Whee!

Patterns by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Both a meta commentary on the show and an incredible study of how Charlie Crews' mind works in all its pattern-creating glory. Supremely well-edited, with probably one of my favorite subtle title effects ever. (What? I can have a favorite title effect.)

The Church of What's Happening Now by [ profile] f1renze
"It costs nothing but change." Oh, Maria. The whole thing is moody and brave and terrifying.

Effigy by Nicky
"Put your flaming torches under me." Gwen as one of the Guineveres. Tragic and evocative, and not at all transparent.

Non Lievi Alchun ("Love Is Colder Than Death") by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Morgana character study with Morgana/Gwen. Simultaneously chilling and passionate, with amazing juxtaposition and use of color.

Devil Said by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"Ohhh." Morgana/Gwen. What might be, what is, what could be, and what will.

Between the Bars by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"The images stuck in his head." Both meta and a fascinating dreamverse narrative, my regard for this vid goes up every time I watch it. Similar to "Devil Said" in that it puts Merlin in the context of the Arthurian cycle - the Merlin multiverse, so to speak - except that in this it's Merlin that's the conduit, dreaming of a hundred different lives that all seem to end up in the same place, no matter how fierce this particular Merlin's desire to hold onto Arthur, somewhere between cherishing and protection. As [ profile] heyiya said, "all this has happened before, all this has happened again, but perhaps differently this time."

Red by Nicky
"You burn too bright." Arthur, season one. As the vidder says: "I like to vid stories whose endings we already know. The "tragedy starting to happen" concept in particular echoes the shivers I got when I saw the episode title "The Beginning of the End". King Arthur is a hero story, but it's also one with a sad ending, and I tend to dwell on endings and have a hard time enjoying the heroic journey if I know it's all going to end badly. When I think about him mortally wounded and taken to Avalon, I can't imagine him recovering and frolicking around ever after; I think of him sinking slowly into the water. How lucky, then, that the show actually gave us that shot." (This vidder, as you may have noticed by now, tends to say a lot. Which is great! Authorial intention all the way.) A stunning example of symbolism in color use, and the use of movement.

Riddle In the Sky by [ profile] tearful_eye
Surreal and intense take on Merlin and Arthur's twisting, complicated relationship. Or at least, that's what I think this is about. Your mileage may vary.

Every Fear You've Ever Faced by [ profile] the_orange_nin
Essentially an episode tag in vid form for 1.04 and 1.07, dealing with just how far Merlin and Arthur will go for each other. There's nothing particularly complex or new here - their devotion to each other is an oft-mentioned thing - but this vid is remarkable for the tonal spin she puts on it, quiet but intense, remaking the rather boisterous, silly Merlin/Arthur pairing into the story of two incredible yet lonely & insular devotions which in a way isolate them both. The vid is a nice parallel to this feeling, sparse, with an incredibly narrow viewpoint that perfectly mimics the perception of two people who are blindingly in love: just Merlin and Arthur, set against a silent, empty world. In this, there's no sense of wider community or loyalty, only both boys eternally moving into the distance, setting off alone to save the other.

Need by [ profile] newkidfan
Merlin/Arthur vidlet for the Sex Magick Challenge. Through sheer feat of being awesome, [ profile] newkidfan takes a rather goofy source in which there's not much touching besides slaps upside the head and occasional rescues from lakes, and turns it into an incredibly erotic exploration of lust. In other words, nnng. I don't even go for guys, and I'm kind of turned on by this thing.

As the Day Is Fading by [ profile] lovestories
"I'm gone as the day is fading on white houses." Or, "We were all in love, and we all got hurt." Despite the incredible emotional power of pretty much all the other Merlin vids on this list, this vid is without a doubt the most heartbreaking thing I've ever encountered in the fandom, if only for its happiness. This is the build and disintegration of the love rhombus as narrated by Merlin, as both an unknowingly telling oracle of the slow-building implosion - especially the Lancelot/Gwen and Arthur/Morgana relationships - and bringing his own experiences, hurts, and desires to the telling - as in the case of his own relationships with Arthur and Morgana. The whole thing is completely immersed in happy, intense adolescent love - the kind you never really get after those teenage years - and it's obvious how much these characters really care about each other. That's what really breaks my heart, that love, and even as they're breaking apart, they're going to keep trying to hold onto each other, desperately, long past when they should.

Unsteady Ground by [ profile] cherryice
"Morgana can see the shape of things to come." Or, as the vidder puts it: "When I was younger, despite being a voracious reader, I had trouble with Arthurian legend. I couldn't shake the foreknowledge of the tragedy awaiting everyone involved. Merlin is a fun show -- and as unfaithful as it may be to mythology and history, we as viewers already know how the story will end. It is something I can't shake myself. We have Morgana, who, as a seer, is likely beginning to see the shape of things that are to come. She's untrained, has little real knowledge of magic, and sees fragments of a future that must be horrifying. This vid is my attempt to bring these characters and portents together, to look at some of the places where the cracks are already forming." As is typically the case with Cherry's vids, it's an incredible visual experience, full of symbolism and parallels, and effortlessly emotional. A fandom classic.

Dark Room by [ profile] cherryice
"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold." The love rhombus at the heart of the tragedy of Camelot. In many ways, this is the sequel to "Unsteady Ground", older and harder but also more raw, more painful, as these characters move ever-towards the people they're destined to become. Or, as [ profile] obsessive_24 puts it, "a slow, inevitable descent into hell for all involved". Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but the sheer emotional narrative to this piece is stunning. WATCH.

Don't Talk, Morgana by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
"A sorta fairytale about a maiden in a tower and the knight in shining armour who comes to rescue her." The silencing of Morgana. Chilling and powerful. As [ profile] deej said, "So many people shielding her and comforting her while she's forever inactive. It's almost as if, by the end, she's being strangled by everyone around her. Whenever she tried to move or fight there's someone holding her down." Definitely read the creator's summary of the vid plot/season arc here.

For the Restless by [ profile] stardust_rain
A vid about Gaius, both the character himself, and as the silent witness to Uther's cycle of hatred and its consequences. Fantastic use of color and juxtaposition.

Darkness, Darkness by [ profile] gwyn_r and [ profile] feochadn
God is now here, or God is nowhere - it's hard to tell in the nightmarish world of Paul Callan." Dark and beautiful and fascinating, and especially lovely considering this is some old-school vidding.

I Want to Be Evil by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Essentially: "girls kick ass, take names, have fun along the way". Delicious celebration of women doing things they're not supposed to.

Needs by [ profile] tearful_eye
"I have this thought in my head, and it's about being noticed." Told through the filmography of Zhang Ziyi, this is an incredibly sensual, beautiful, whirling vid exploring the quintessential martial arts woman, and the intersection of sex, love, power, and fighting for her. Look for connections in the movements of things - cloth and swords and color and bodies.

The Future Stops Here by [ profile] heyiya
Acavid look at apocalypse movies (all set in Britain, for some reason), and the political messages that go with them. See vidder's page for more analysis than you can shake a very large stick at, but even if you don't connect to it on that particular level of analysis, it's still a fascinating critique of gender, queerness, resistance, and politics in the face of terror.

Thriller by [ profile] buffyann
"Darkness falls across the land." A Club Vivid Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural crossover, set to Michael Jackson. OH MY GOD SO MUCH FUN, if incredibly gory. Very clever use of the dancing-demon as a framing device, too, and the crossover element was flawless.

I Want You (She's So Heavy) by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"Within the Supernatural universe, there is Planet Terror with zombies. Those zombies are from Zombieduck. Also, there are strippers." Trippy and gory and somewhat self-indulgent. But, zombies! Tons of author meta here.

Recursion by [ profile] cidercupcakes
Written for [ profile] multiverse5000 for this prompt: "Watchmen/Battlestar Galactica: Dr. Manhattan leaves Earth, and goes off to explore and create new life. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." Fascinating idea, and an enjoyable vid.

I'm Your Man by [ profile] charmax
"A celebration of media cliches." (In parenthesis next to my downloaded copy: Lesbians!) A clever, fun take on the archetypal lesbians (and drag) that's simultaneously critical and subversive, and gleefully celebratory.

The Glass by [personal profile] thingswithwings
"Slash is what happens when you take away the glass, then put it back, then take it away again, then put it back again." Based on a long-ago line from an article by Henry Jenkins, this is old-school slash in a major way; in many ways it is thus obsolete, and in many ways it is not. Certainly I better understand the perspective of first-generation (second-generation? Fuck) slash fans from this, and it gives an interesting view of some newer pairings through an older lens and attitude.

Uncommercial Song by [ profile] halcyon_shift
"You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime." Celebrating all the uncommercial cancelled shows. Sweet and a little sad, with a lovely vein of questioning running throughout - is a good show defined by its popularity? If not, then how? What's the point of a cancelled show? - and nice usage of River's world-in-a-rubber-ball as an extended metaphor.

Unnatural Selection by [ profile] charmax
Battlestar Galactica / Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover. "That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God's image." Another vid that ate fandom - though not quite as much as "Climbing Up the Walls" - with its sheer awesomeness. Approaching the machines vs. humans through the dual lens of theology and Darwin, plus the Pussycat Dolls.

The Negative Sex by Naomi
"Girls kick ass, says so on a t-shirt." A fascinating look at gender - norms, nonconformity - power, violence, and the problems with some feminist messages, including what it means to be "feminine". You can find the vidder's meta about it here. This is an especially powerful vid in that it takes a unique perspective on the whole gender thing, and criticizes both feminist and chauvinistic thought, so no matter where you are on the spectrum, you can't hide in the popularity of your theory; you end up having to actually question your own beliefs, opinions, and preconceptions. Horror of horrors, it makes you think. And chances are, you may come out of this vid with slightly (or radically) different opinions than when you went in. In conclusion: File this under thinky thoughts, and watch again, and again.

Climbing Up the Walls by Nicky
"Siblings. "I am the pick in the ice"." Crossover with Firefly and Heroes; Sam/Dean, Peter/Nathan, River/Simon. Warnings for incest; definitely NSFW. Otherwise known as the vid that ate fandom, this thing has spawned more meta on incest-shipping, family, victimhood, agency, and just general vid critiques than any other vid I can think of, probably because it points a big fucking sign right at the intersection of invention (ship) and reality (incest) that a lot of fandom might, er, like to avoid. Watch it, read the vidder's commentary, watch it again, think about it for a while, read the essays people have written about it, and then come back and watch it for a third time. It's worth it.

Filthy Mind by SE
"A fandom free association, stream of consciousness. With dancing." Basically what it says on the tin, this is basically a giant multifandom dance party, in which characters from about a dozen different fandoms wander through the same club, and almost get drowned by the same exploding balloon. Yeah, I don't know. Watch it; it's fun, and incredibly clever.

Hurricane by [personal profile] laurashapiro
"Two pilots walk into a bar." And then had sex. Other than "Filthy Mind", this is the best constructed reality vid I've ever seen - not only (vividly) illustrating the similarities between Aeryn and Kara, but then creating a bar hookup narrative that I would swear really existed, had I not known that the two characters never, ever meet. It's also fantastic and fun and very, very hot.

Chaos Theory by [ profile] balistik94
An apocalypse vid. As the vidder says, "When we hear "end of the world" we think natural disasters, wars, epidemics or any type of cataclysmic event. This video is about the people and what they go through when everything around them falls apart," and it's basically just that, but incredibly affecting and haunting, with an incredibly tense emotional thread running through all the sources.

Seven Nation Army by [ profile] charmax
War against the machines. Or, we'll fight them off with courage and huge-ass laser guns.

Momentary Seizure by Fabella
"Love is a lot like having your shoes stolen." Or, Mike's in love with Scott. Trippy and, though I know very little of the canon, enjoyable.

"Timmy," Tony Says by [ profile] newkidfan
A subtle, moody, dreamy DiNozzo/McGee vidlet. Watch even if, like me, you dislike the show and the pairing; it's incredibly beautiful, unusual editing of a show that, while colorful, is not particularly creative in terms of cinematography.

Fairytale by [ profile] arefadedaway
"Don’t give up. Don’t let them beat you. Let’s give this story a happy ending." Ahiru, Rue, Utena, and Anthy don’t care for your fairy tale, and make their own story." Crossover with Revolutionary Girl Utena. A vid about the subversiveness of the story-tale element to these shows. I, um, do not know this canon (though based on this vid and [personal profile] thefourthvine's endorsement, I may start watching), but I love the musicality of this AMV, as well as the cheerfully twisted stereotypes.

Like a Stone by [ profile] sdwolfpup
"In your house / I long to be." An Alexander Mahone/Michael Scofield study, burning with anger and longing, and so fucking intense (as Mahone seems to be). I've heard that the show is silly at best, but there is nothing silly about this vid. Yowza.

"White" and Nerdy by [ profile] talitha78
Vidder's notes: "Over the last couple of months, putting this together became a way of working through my issues with regard to RaceFail 2009. Like Gus, I am a nerd of color in a society where nerdiness is frequently coded as "white." With this vid, I want to subvert that stereotype, and hopefully have some lulz along the way." Does just that!

Money Maker by [ profile] talitha78
Ahahahahaha. Psych moves: 10% sexy and 100% ridiculous.

Piece of Me by Nicky
Britney Spears vidded to Britney Spears. (Wow. Headtrip.) A new take on all the drama, and ultimately, a sympathetic and affecting one.

Without Me by [ profile] mamoru22
"David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?" Ahahaha. I have great fondness for this guy, and though I have issues with the song used, this vid still cracks me up every time.

Gloomy Sunday by Nicky
"Darling, I hope that my dream never haunted you." About what you'd expect, including beauty.

I Shall Be Free by [personal profile] charmax
"Get busy living or get busy dying." An intense, almost-biblical distillation of the movie.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78
Not the most brilliant thing ever, or the best cut, but it makes me laugh.

Untitled by [personal profile] giandujakiss
Scroll down to see my comment, but it basically boils down to: IS the best thing ever. A study of the chaos of Holmes' mind, and how his relationships both aggravate and alleviate it, told through parallels between him and Lord Blackwood.

Half Acre by [personal profile] laurashapiro and [personal profile] jarrow
"What is it that you remember?" Honest-to-God, this vid made me cry. Several times. The bittersweet sense of love and affection and family - in the midst of it all, against everything that the world throws at them - running through this vid is incredible, and I love the use of Claire and Claire's photography as a framing device - in the end, this vid is all about her and what she leaves behind at the end of the series, and I couldn't love it more.

Sugar by [ profile] keewick
Lana vid dealing with her relationships with Lex and Clark. I have no idea who any of these people are, really, and yet this vid makes me feel so intensely for this girl. Visually stunning.

Sorry by [ profile] keewick
Another Lana vid, this time set to MIRAH! (Yay.) Beautiful, complex, well-edited. It almost makes me want to start watching the show, except I don't know if I want yet ANOTHER fandom where the female characters get this screwed over. (But I'm into Supernatural. Oh wait.) This is, in many respects, a sequel to "Sugar"; fittingly, [ profile] keewick calls "Sugar" and "Sorry" the "question and answer". See her post for a longer (but readable and interesting) meta about her purpose in vidding these, and their connection with "32".

I Kissed a Girl by [ profile] bop_radar
"Clark experiments with heterosexuality." An incredibly LOLing twist on a queer but offensive song that still retains the queerness and, er, maybe gets rid of the offensiveness? I'm sort of split on this vid; on the one hand, I enjoy the incredibly queer subtext and the hot women (and damn if there isn't a lot of sex and lingerie shots in Smallville). On the other hand, I feel like the vid both others and objectifies these women as an endless parade of "girls" whose only purposes are for Clark to have sex with them, and they're often portrayed as sexually manipulative and/or as EEEEEEVIL seductresses to boot. But then again, Smallville has a notoriously bad reputation in regards to women and sex, so maybe it's just the show, which I'll admit I've never seen. Thoughts?

Faster Kill Pussycat by [ profile] talitha78
"You turn me on." Chloe/Lana. Still queer, but definitely less offensive, and hot to boot! At times, it's a little messy, and I'm not sure what's going on with the ending sequence - is it justification for this pairing by sheer dint of shots in which they're both in the frame? An abrupt point-of-view switch, from a rather intimate Chloe POV to the POV of an outside observer? Filling time? - but this vid makes me incredibly happy in my pants nonetheless. I mean, how rare is it to find a femslash vid, especially of a non-canonical pairing? VERY. And this is one of that rare and wondrous breed, with fairly good-quality editing, a clear narrative that makes use of the lyrics but isn't dominated by them, and a surprisingly tender view of Chloe as the home and still center to Lana's whirling universe.

Intergalactic Friends by [ profile] bananainpyjamas
"Just remember me when." An incredibly kinetic, layered vid about the parallels between Clark and Lex, and their relationship: its evolution, and its context within the world of superheroes/supervillains, as emphasized by the comic book motif - the shots of comic books, and even a split-screen technique mimicking the comic book layout. I don't know too much about the source, but someone familiar with Smallville will doubtless have lots more to squee about.

Feel It by [ profile] millylicious
"DJ, turn the music up... I wanna feel it." To quote the maker, it's about "the entire road, the work and the sheer joy of dancing." Epic, fast-paced, and moves with an incredible musicality.

I Like the Way (You Move) by Pertifity
"But most of all, yeah, most of all..." A celebration of the Team's moves: sexy, ridiculous, dangerous, fun.

Battleflag by [ profile] keewick
Ensemble gen vid. It's set to a mid-80s underground dance track hit and edited by [ profile] keewick, so you already know it's going to be WAY too much fun. Plus, there are some incredibly interesting narrative parallels!

32 by [ profile] keewick
Probably the only good Teyla vid in existence. Also notable for being incredibly complex, well-edited, intriguing, and a real puzzle to understand in any way other than just FEELING it.

Mission Report by Lim
Okay, I lied. This is another fantastic Teyla vid, with Teyla as both the expedition member and Pegasus native, dealing with her warring identity as 'Lantean and Irijjin as both an "insider" and an "outsider" to both groups. She's critical of 'Lantean militarism and policy, but complicit in her love and loyalty for her team - in fact, not just complicit, but an active participant. Check the fanlore page for interesting thoughts about the original music Lim recorded and used.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Afterthought
"There are many strange creatures in the Pegasus galaxy." Rodney in all his hilarious, over-the-top, flailing ridiculousness. BRB LOLING FOREVER.

Be My Yoko Ono by [ profile] dayln03
A cute, happy McKay/Sheppard vid that I'm not linking to because the vidder put up a fucking .gif file on her sticky post, which crashes my computer every time it tries to load it. Go searching at your own risk.

Girlfriend by Pertifity
"Rodney's got it all worked out. Now if only John would get with the program..." Ahahahaha. Awesome McKay/Sheppard vid set to Avril Lavigne. You know you want to.

Here It Goes Again by [ profile] sisabet
"Really, really dangerous." Basically McKay/Sheppard in a really fun nutshell, with a brief solemn moment that turns into triumph and then more fun. This vid makes me laugh a lot, and chances are it will make you laugh too, about things that anyone who hasn't watched this vid will have NO IDEA what you're laughing at, while you're going: ahahaha Teyla's eyeroll, John's face at the engagement ring, John's GOLF CLUB POLISHING. Really, I had no idea these people were so agile with their faces!

The Temptation of John Sheppard by [ profile] isagel
An unusual, heartbreaking, and utterly too real take on McKay/Sheppard within the context of the war, and John's place in the military. (Not, however, a DADT vid.) [personal profile] thingswithwings says some things about it here that are basically my feelings, only better written, and there is further meta on the vid link page as people discuss, which I would definitely recommend reading.

I Get Around by [ profile] keewick
"Team Shep totally gets around yet maybe it would be better if say, they didn't." A secretly scathing look at the effects of the imperialist overtones of the show and the Atlanteans' presence in the Pegasus galaxy. They took what was a bad situation, and made it into a worse one, and every disaster since their arrival - the awakening of the Wraith, the awakening of the Replicators, the creation of Michael - they've been somehow responsible for.

Liquid Bird by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
"Is it true what they say, about the curtains that close at the end of the day?" Alternatively hopeful, wistful, and wrenching: a send-off to SGA. WARNING: WATCH LAST. WARNING #2: I MEAN IT.

Static by [ profile] kitakatzz
BEST ELIZABETH VID EVER, THE END. If you want the backstory for my own It Was Her House That Killed Nessarose, this is it - a fascinating, layered, sympathetic Elizabeth strung between her desire to connect - her desire to speak, to YELL, and for her voice to be heard - and her inability to listen.

Stress by the Clucking Belles
"Stress is the way I get things done." Possibly the most accurate - and funniest - character study I've seen of Rodney McKay yet.

McKay's Philosophy of the Meaning of Life by [ profile] obfreak
Okay, I lied. This is the funniest. Monty Python! Rodney McKay! Together they fight crime will make your sides explode from maniacal laughter, and then your coroner will be very confused.

Language by [ profile] newkidfan
"Thank you. For everything you... meant to say. ~Teyla to John in "Sateda"." John, communication, and the people he loves. Stunning and quietly vulnerable, with so many things unsaid but deeply felt.

Dreams by [ profile] newkidfan
John's love letter to Rodney. Think of it as a more intimate, sadder version of "Language", but just as poignant.

Hello by Merry
What the first season should have been. Dark, terrifying, and frantic, with only each other to turn to.

Fiddle and the Drum by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"We have all come to fear the beating of John Sheppard's drum." Absolutely terrifying John study, and most of the reason why it's so terrifying is that it's so true.

A Lieutenant Colonel Is Being Beaten by [personal profile] thingswithwings
"John Sheppard really does spend a lot of time on his knees." Or as the creator puts it, "John gets beat up, it's kinda hot, and he kinda likes it." Kinda self-explanatory, don't you think? As it was her first, this vid is not terribly technically sophisticated, but it does have the distinction of making every single fight scene and interrogation involving John Sheppard look incredibly kinky, erotic, and generally Freudian. Read the comments; they're interesting.

Rasputin by the Clucking Belles
AHAHAHAHAHA. Evil!Daniel = one gone Russian cat. Watch and howl.

Be Like Water by [ profile] butterfly
"Jack always ends up in the same place." Jack/Daniel; a slow drowning, sad but painfully realistic. The entire thing is quite beautiful, but it really hit for me at 0:30-0:35. Somewhat off-topic but incredibly relevant for visiting vidders: recently, I learned there was another remix of this song, and now I would like a John Sheppard remix of this vid, because the song is a perfect fit for him, too, and I can't think of anywhere that drowning & water suits more than Atlantis. Just saying.

Dido's Lament by [ profile] tearful_eye
"When I am laid in earth, may my wrongs create no trouble in thy breast." Sha're as the tragic queen Dido. Incredibly beautiful and powerful; I cannot rec this strongly enough.

We Are All Connected by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together." I don't watch SG:U - I'm loyal to the old shows, tired of the franchise, and frankly, not too thrilled by shows about a bunch of people who hate each other - but this vid is incredible, intricate and bloody with an incredible sense for movement & motion, pulling it all into a kinetic whole even as the vidder jumps from character to character, color to color, story to story. As [ profile] beccatoria said, "I'm sure I'd get more out of it if I knew the series, but in some ways, not knowing it, almost added to the arresting, breathtaking nature of the vid - these people, these specs, I don't know, loving and living and dancing and dying, like atoms on the screen."

The Test, by [ profile] heresluck
"Now I think I see the light." Kirk/Spock: New universe Kirk, trying to reconcile the memories that his mind-meld with Spock gave him, and viewing his Spock with a strange double-vision of "once-and-somewhere lover", and "here-and-now friend". This vid feels absolutely huge, with all the history and time and distance, and I love all the visual elements the vidder put into play here, the juxtaposition of the sweeping expansive shots - the Enterprise going into warp speed, the beginning on the ice, the jumps (and what a lovely subtle comparison, using the musical cues to tie those two "leaps of faith" together, both as a nod to Kirk's eternal courage and adventurousness, and a measure of how far he's come) - and the much more intimate shots with only the two of them in the frame, the little movements that are just as powerful - if not more - than the enormous ones. The vidder also manages to take two sources that were very different in terms of video quality and synch them up perfectly, by making the graininess and wonky coloring an indicator of memory. In short, fantastic. Watch, even if you don't ship!

On the Dance Floor by [ profile] sloanesomething
"I love Uhura! I just wish there had been, you know...more of her." There's about zero chance you haven't already seen this, but if you're hiding under a rock somewhere: here it is, in all its hilarious gloriousness! A critique of the lack of female characters - and the lack of female characters who actually DO A LOT - in the new movie. Also, it is amazing. NOT ENOUGH LADIES, TOO MANY MANS. *bops*

Nowhere to Stop by [personal profile] lola
"There's nowhere to stop anywhere on this road." Castiel/Dean, but mostly about Castiel: tragic, heroic, doomed to this road that can only ever end in one way. I love the repeating juxtaposition - the slow/fast, violence/stillness, present/future comparisons - how together they compass this integrated Castiel who is all of these things, and the song is bloody AMAZING for this character. All in all, horrible fate, beautiful vid. One of my two absolutely essential Castiel vidding pieces.

A Charming Man by [personal profile] giandujakiss
"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Pretty much everyone and their mother knows that I love this vid with an insane, intense, probably rather embarrassing fervor, but for the uninitiated I will still say this: This is the Castiel that we don't talk about, but who is very real, very relevant, and very terrifying. This is the Castiel who isn't a soft soul to be protected and commanded by Dean - not a child or an innocent or an kind-hearted idiot, and not human in everything but name. This is the Castiel whose true voice makes glass scream; the angel who would possess the innocent with no remorse, would it further his goals. [personal profile] giandujakiss got that warring sense of majesty and horror here, when it comes to his power and effect on the Winchesters, and he's not purer for his alien face. Instead, he's the crossroad demon's angelic reflection - manipulative, ruthless, at times even cruel - both starting and stuck in these building circles of domination/subordination and sheer inertial helplessness. This vid makes sense of Castiel and Ruby's respect betrayals of the Winchesters, their capitulation to forces seemingly beyond their control, and more than anything else, after watching this I think that it wasn't inherent evilness or goodness that saved Castiel and damned Ruby, but the power of the dissenting voice. (Dean questioned Castiel's choices constantly; Sam rarely did.) After all, this is the complex, stratified universe of Supernatural, where free will often doesn't matter as much as hierarchy, and where demons and angels alike have only enough power within the structure to further hurt the people below them, or make these people - the Winchesters - hurt each other. It's the curse of middle management, baby; it's the cruelty of the hammer.

Low Red Moon by [profile] thuvia_ptarth
"And the moon became as blood." Ruby character study, circa season three. [personal profile] wordsatourbacks, I know you know this one, because you're the one who rec'd it to me, but after thinking and rewatching as promised, I'm reccing it further. I'm not the biggest fan of canon!Ruby - especially in her season three incarnation - but this vid is closer to the what-could-have-been Ruby that I love. [profile] thuvia_ptarth takes a mildly interesting but mostly annoying plot-device character and turns her into something that's powerful and complex and terrifying and almost primal, a creature of blood and the (super)natural world transposed awkwardly into the human one. Ruby may have been batting for Team Free Will for a while, and may or may not have been in love with Sam, but she was a witch when she was alive and a demon after. I think of this vid as the counterpart to "A Charming Man", the full realization of Ruby as Castiel's dark obverse, and vice versa, and like "A Charming Man", this vid reveals how utterly not human these characters are, and always have been.

God's Country by [ profile] astartexx
Oh, Jo. What a fascinating mirror to Dean we never really got, just like Bela was his failed obverse. To me, this vid illustrates one of the main tragedies of her death and her storyline in general: the sheer potential she had as a character, which was mostly left unfulfilled.

Women's Work by Luminosity and Sisabet
"Our bodies, ourselves." Everyone and their mother has seen this vid already, but on the off-chance you haven't, I'm reccing it here. A powerful and ultimately disturbing feminist take on an intensely misogynistic show, on which women are either fucks, victims, or villains, but also a critique of the wider culture it takes place in. Thematically triggering, with warnings for violence. Great meta, though. Lots and lots of it.

Glittering Clouds (Locusts) by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
A complex, incredibly beautiful vid that deals with another forgotten aspect of Supernatural: the vessels. Click on the link and scroll down for my tl;dr squee and analysis (it's worth it, I promise! I just couldn't figure out how to condense it).

Want by [ profile] destina
"What the Yellow-Eyed Demon wants, in no particular order: Sam, Dean and John Winchester; fresh tasty babies that can kill with their brains; an awesome demon-killing Colt revolver; a do-over." One creepy and effective Azazel vid, in which desire and blood are twisted up in all manner of things. Intimate and slitheringly terrifying.

The Fifth Circle (Lazarus Man) by Luminosity
AU. Sam goes looking for Dean in Hell, and maybe loses himself along the way. Fantastic song, atmospheric and beautiful vid, and a fascinating, mythological - almost archetypal - take on how it could have gone.

Sea Lion by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
"Ma, Ma - look what I did, Ma. Look what I did to my hands, I broke 'em." Heartbreaking study of Dean and his relationship to his family.

The Devil's Inside My Head by [ profile] mithborien
"You know the worst thing I can think of?" Supernatural is Mary's nightmare, and what John did to himself and their sons in her name is never what she would have wanted. This vid goes along with "Bricks" and "Fifth Circle" in both the Winchesters' absolute obsessional devotion to each other - the deals that they make and vendettas they carry out - and the fact that, really, those deals are selfish ones; it's not just love that they act out of, but the fact that the people making the deals can't let go of their sons, brothers, and lovers, and the consequences are never what the dealees would agree is worth them. Frantic editing coupled with fantastic juxtaposition, and a really arresting Mary point of view, as she comes across both simultaneously strong and horribly naive.

Bricks by Luminosity
Mashup of ARETHA FRANKLIN and METALLICA (!!), dealing with the Winchesters, their deals, and their attitude towards the job. Don't attempt to look for any sort of commentary on race or otherness in this, though, or you will get beaten down (and rightly so) by [personal profile] thuviaptarth.

The Way We Get By by [ profile] charmax
A different, lighter look at how the Winchesters deal with hunting. This is the goofy, fly-by-your-pants, not-entirely-legal side of the job, as illustrated by Spoon. Lots of fun.

Shuffle Your Feet by Luminosity
"Time won't save our souls." Love BRMC, love this song, and love this vid, especially about 3/4 of the way through. A thigh-slapping, foot-tapping take on, essentially, the fact that the Winchesters are cursed seven ways to Sunday.

Deus Ibi Est by [ profile] charmax
"John Winchester, single-minded soldier." Incredible John vid dealing with his relationship to hunting - all the sacrifices and hardships and horror he's faced - and to Dean. About as claustrophobic, obsessive, and controlling as you'd expect, and the ending is an incredible punch in the gut. I don't know if I agree entirely with [ profile] charmax's interpretation of John - I think she credits him with more introspection and self-awareness than he really possesses - but she got his craftiness right, and the things that make him absolutely terrifying, the things that allow him to use one of his sons as a living weapon and shield-on-the-arm, because that's part of what this vid is about: how, in a way, Dean's whole life has been John training him to kill the YED, to continue John's own vendetta. This is John the soldier at his most ruthless, and also John at his most romantic and idealistic, able to justify his questionable actions through this identity he takes on, of the doomed but righteous soldier.

Eulogy by chasa
"I want to live fast, love hard, die young, and leave a beautiful memory." Oh, Dean. Cheerful until it's not, because remember his comment about how Hunters end either "bloody or sad"? This is that, among other things: the mythology of Dean, the way he both is and has created himself to be in order to deal with his the realities of his life.

Love Shack by [ profile] ash48
"It's a little old place where we can get together." AHAHAHA. A humorous, slightly Dean/Sam take on another aspect of the hunting life: the motels.

A House Inside of You by [ profile] wistful_fever
"Castiel sleeps under Sam Winchester's bed. It's all terribly romantic." I am... not really sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, music I if not hate then actively dislike. On the other, a well-edited Sam/Castiel vid (which is already rarer than the unicorns, yeti, and the Loch Ness monster combined) with some fascinating thoughts on Sam and Castiel's relationship, with both Dean as the source and conduit. For now I'm tabling the discussion, and going to rewatch.

Supernatural (In My Pants) by [ profile] deirdre_c
"It's perfectly normal, nothing wrong with me, but we're going to need a clean up on Aisle 3." Hilarious Dean/Sam vid with what is possibly the best reveal ever. As [personal profile] thefourthvine said: "At first, I was like, "Oh, yeah, Sam/Dean, I get you, but what is with this song choice? I seriously do not get why... okay, I see why, but that doesn't explain - okay, it kind of does, but... [COLLAPSES LAUGHING]." (You can find the rest of her rec here.) It's also a true credit to the actors' incredible powers of funny-face-making. NSFW for questionable language, but also because you would have to explain to your coworkers why you were either howling or cackling with laughter. And it's probably best not to be eating or drinking anything while watching, either, because it will end up sprayed all over your screen.

2 Legit 2 Quit by [ profile] deirdre_c
Ahahaha. A reaction to the renewal of Supernatural for a sixth season, this is a wacky, loving celebration of the creation of Supernatural, from the writers (yuck) to the cast and crew (yay). Set to MC Hammer. Yeah, it's hilarious. ("The renewal of Supernatural for a sixth season is Very. Serious. Business.") See above Deirdre warning about ingesting liquids while watching.

Lost At Sea by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
"Just a little further, baby, gotta get what you want." The ultimate Jesse vid. Watch even if you have no idea who any of these people are.

Ding! Dong! by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
"Sarah should be dead." A vid that I think will make a lot more sense once I catch up on the canon, but even in my uneducated state, I can tell is full of thoughts (about motherhood?), and besides which, is just plain beautiful. So much movement. Extensive further commentary by [personal profile] thuviaptarth here.

Does Cameron Dream of Electric Sheep? by [ profile] kiki_miserychic
How Cameron perceives the world. Alien and immersive; a fandom classic.

Human Behavior by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
"If they ever learn these things, they won't have to destroy us; they will be us." Fascinating commentary on the machines, the people, and what it means to be human.

DLZ by [ profile] bop_radar
"We are the Resistance." Ensemble vid that captures, well, pretty much everything, and demands rewatch after rewatch. Big damn vidder meta here, and highly recommended.

Gloria by [ profile] sweetestdrain
"People say beware, but I just don't care." Cameron/Sarah. Constructed reality, but you won't notice it. I'm not sure what to say about this - it's powerful, affecting, triumphant reading of this possible relationship; gorgeously edited; and set to a Patty Smith song. How much better could it get?

Riot Act by [personal profile] thuviaptarth
Riley character study. "Sweetie, there is no out." A pin-ball vid, in which Riley caught at every turn by someone else, friend or foe, until it's near impossible to tell the difference. I love the claustrophobia of this vid, how she can never seem to get anywhere on her own without bumping up against another person, either physically or psychically.

The Scream by Nicky
For everyone who wanted to do just that following Children of Earth. A visceral gut reaction to the miniseries; as the creator says, "an exorcism".

The Good Old Days by [personal profile] such_heights
"I like waking up after a bad dream." Another Children of Earth reaction, but sadder, quieter, and achingly, softly nostalgic. It's not a naive nostalgia - the bad parts, the hard parts of Torchwood life, these aren't sugarcoated or re-imagined as happy memories; rather, the entire thing is suffused with a melancholy sense of loss for the entirety of the characters and the show - good and bad, painful and uplifting - that we knew and loved.

Dying by [ profile] cherryice
"It gets under your skin." Ensemble vid on the realities of life at Torchwood Three. This was probably the first well-edited vid I ever saw, and everything about it - the narrative parallels, the transitions, the musicality, the simultaneous numbness and rawness to it - still astounds me.

The Pioneers by [personal profile] giandujakiss
"Three times bad and three times good." A beautiful, horrible look at the brutal paradoxes that underly the show, especially the fact that the Torchwood team causes most of their problems through their own actions. As [personal profile] pocketmouse said, "all the trying and failing and failing again." A punch of grief.

This Is How it Ends by Reese
"Death, death and more death. The world is going to shit and the members of Torchwood are in the eye of the storm, struggling not only to stay alive but to keep from going completely insane in a nightmare world that often doesn't seem worth saving. Fighting aliens, fellow human beings, personal demons and even each other, their intentions are good but the results can be tragic, and with a far higher cost than anyone could imagine. Sometimes it feels like Torchwood destroys everything it touches." Or, the horror of Torchwood.

Da Bomb by Reese
"Check out my style, bitch - short vid about two of television's most shameless, entertaining players. Jason, the stupid but loveable ladies man who is as dimwitted as he is hot, and Lafayette, the gay drug dealing cook who's as suave as he is badass." AHAHAHAHA. I don't even know who these people are and I'm rolling around laughing. Well-edited and endlessly entertaining.

All Is Full of Love by [ profile] obsessive24
"Godric's message to Eric." Again, I have no idea who these people are, but I am awed by this vid - it's mesmerizing and powerful and kinetic and all-encompassing, and anything I can say really can't do it justice. Read the vidder's notes before watching - they're short, and it's worth it, because the concept is more complex than the summary.

Passenger Fever by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
CREEPY AS FUCK, and also triggering for rape/dub-con (I'm not sure WHAT is going on, frankly, but I can tell it's nothing good) and a little bit of violence. But apart from (because of?) all that, it's incredibly good. If you know the source material (I don't), you'll probably love it even more.

The Adversary by [ profile] astolat
"Run from me." The "essence of BOB, poured into [one] vid." A feast of the show's trademark strange imagery, and more than anything else, eerie and creepy and terrifying. *shivers*

Martina by [ profile] keewick
A powerful and unsettling critique of the serial rapist storyline in the third season, and of women, sexuality, and the "rape culture" in general. Thematically triggering, but no on-screen rape.

Break Teen Spirit in Four Minutes by [ profile] bananainpyjamas
"Let's get it blazing." Horrible movie, but amazingly intense, heart-pounding vid. Wheee!

Rock Star by [ profile] talitha78
Short, accurate Neal character study with slight elements of Peter/Elizabeth/Neal. And, you know, fun.

Boom Boom Ba by [ profile] charmax
"This video focuses on the sensual aspects of the show Xena and the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. This was made originally in Oct 04 for a theme challenge and the theme was “lust”. This vid plays heavily on the lust, the swaying bodies and the subtext text." Sex and skin and henna and dancing, all over my screen. Ahem. I've never seen Xena, but based on this, I'd guess it was one giant lesbian orgy. (Which, as far as people tell me, isn't that far off the mark.) Also, the Xena people seem overly fond of bra-tops, bare midriffs, and blunt-cut bangs. But then again, it was the nineties.

Date: 2010-05-11 08:05 pm (UTC)
dossier: the ancient ancestor of Herbatus Unimoosis (Default)
From: [personal profile] dossier
awesome list of recs! Will have to go through mine, but right off the top of my head is astolat's sg1 vid 'Solsbury Hill'. very crunchy to me, very sad.

Date: 2010-06-13 04:45 pm (UTC)
softestbullet: Aeryn cupping Pilot's cheek. He has his big eyes closed. (SCC/ open me up a black gold vein)
From: [personal profile] softestbullet
Thank you for this post!

Date: 2011-09-25 12:38 pm (UTC)
schneefink: River walking among trees, from "Safe" (Teyla and Sora cheerful)
From: [personal profile] schneefink
Thank you very much for this! I have already found so many great vids thanks to this list and there are many more I haven't seen yet.


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